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Who is Ersilia Campbell? Colorado woman in blackface in Target store rants about LGBTQ, American flag

Ersilia Campbell causes shock by appearing in blackface at Target.She requests to know where the Pride area is, proposing LGBTQ people group captured the American banner. Her activities at Target and Starbucks raise worries about her intentions and mentalities

In a new occurrence at an Objective store in Aurora, Colorado, a lady named Ersilia Campbell appeared in blackface and created a situation. She requested to know where the Pride segment was, despite the fact that Pride month had proactively finished. Campbell then, at that point, proceeded to propose that the LGBTQ people group had commandeered the American banner with the Pride banner, leaving the store representative shocked.

Not halting there, Campbell continued to a Starbucks, wearing Trump stickers on her shirt. She asserted she had been terminated from the mailing station yet didn’t determine the explanations behind her end. Upon additional examination, it was found that Campbell had been terminated from the mailing station in February. The mailing station had even posted an intruding notification, cautioning representatives to call the Postal Examination Administration on the off chance that she returned.

Adding to the upsetting occurrence, Ersilia Campbell communicated her disappointment with her previous collaborators on the web. She marked them as “the absolute loneliest, hopeless, trashiest, apathetic individuals” she had at any point experienced. The episode at Target and Starbucks, alongside her web-based blusters, have left many scrutinizing her way of behaving and perspectives.

Who is Ersilia Campbell?

Little data is accessible about Ersilia Campbell past the new occurrence. Her LinkedIn specifies that she has functioned as an Activities Manager at US Postal Help.

Her activities at Target and Starbucks, especially her decision to show up in blackface, have caused shock and worry among people in general. The episode brings up issues about her thought processes and outlook, and it fills in as a sign of the requirement for grasping, resilience, and responsiveness towards different networks.

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