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Muhterem Percikli, 19 years old, Allegedly, a man from the United Kingdom was tied to a chair and killed by lethal injection after falling in love with a 19-year-old woman he met after he moved to Turkey. Murat Arpapay, 57, still has a family in England when he decided to live in Turkey and move from Istanbul to start a new life with friends he met online. However, local residents found the man’s body in the ventilation shaft of a rented apartment and reported it to the police on July 27.

His body was evaluated as a suspicious death and taken to Şirinevler Forensic Medicine Institute, and it was revealed that he was killed in the autopsy. by chemical injection. Upon receiving the report, the police launched an investigation into the incident. After examining the security camera footage, it was determined that Arpapay later came to the apartment where his body was found and accompanied by a woman named Muhterem Percikli (19), who is said to be his lover.

Muhterem Percikli’s Age

Muhterem Percikli is 19 year old.

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Incident Detail

The police said that Murat Arpapay, who fell in love with a 19-year-old boy, was tied to a chair and shot dead with a needle.The 57-year-old was receiving money from his family in England – he moved abroad from Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, after making new friendsonline.But neighbors in his new hometown alerted the police after a body was found in the ventilation shaft of an apartment building.Officers identified Mr. Arpapay, 57, who was working as a translator, and found his death suspicious, although they found no signs of stab or gunshot wounds.

According to local reports, after an autopsy at the Şirinevler Forensic Medicine Institute, it was determined that he died from the injection.Examining the security camera footage, the police saw how he came to the apartment with his 19-year-old girlfriend, Muhterem Percikli.Since then, three more accomplices – Serpil Demir, Doğan Sarıyıldız and Fatih Erginoğlu – who are said to have entered the flat shortly after the couple – have been arrested by the police.The fifth place was later determined as Ersen Başak.Local reports suggest that the suspects told police that Mr Arpapay had lived in England for many years, financed by his family.It was said that before Arpapay moved to Turkey, he contacted Başak over social media before meeting face to face.

It was alleged that Başak planned to steal the money she learned that the victim was hiding in her new home and sought help from Percikli and her friend Demir.These two prepared to go to a cafe owned by Başak to meet Alpapay Bey, which led to her and Percikli becoming friends and then lovers.Percikli is believed to have met at the apartment where Demir, Sarıyıldız and Erginoğlu allegedly tied their hands and used a needle to inject chemicals into his body on the day of his death.The killers left the scene after placing Alpapay’s body in the block’s ventilation shaft.Başak was later accused of breaking into the flat and stealing money and fleeing to Georgia, while Sarıyıldız and Erginoğlu went to Cyprus.Two women, Percikli and Demir, were arrested and detained while investigations continue.Mr Arpapay’s Facebook page shows that he studied at Newcastle College.

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