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Italian actress, photojournalist and politician Gina Lollobrigida recently passed away on January 16, 2023, at the age of 95. Musician Al Di Meola paid tribute to Lollobrigida on Facebook, writing that she was the first movie star he can remember. He continued:

“Maybe 20 years ago, I played in Rome and while I was playing I noticed Gina in the front row! Wow! I stopped, walked to the edge of the stage and said is that you? She smiled at me and nodded yes! She was delighted and couldn’t believe that she was sitting there. And that’s my Gina Lollobrigida story.”

The late actor Humphrey Bogart’s official Facebook page also paid tribute to Gina, writing that she appeared alongside Bogart in Beat the Devil. The post said:

“She had an incredible career and a fascinating life, and with her passing, we lost one of the last living links to the Golden Age of Hollywood.” The cause of Gina’s death has not yet been revealed, although she was hospitalized at the time.

Gina Lollobrigida was married to Milko Skofic

In 1949, Gina Lollobrigida married Milko Skofic, a doctor and his manager. Their son Milko Skofic Jr was born in July 1957. The couple moved to Toronto in 1960.

Skofic also appeared in the film Anna of Brooklyn, released in 1958. The couple divorced in 1971 after separating in 1966. Gina then became engaged to businessman Javier Rigau and Rafols in October 2006, but they separated two months later. However, they were declared married, according to various media reports.

In 2013, Gina filed a lawsuit against Javier alleging that he had married a woman who was posing as her. Gina also claimed that Javier tried to obtain power of attorney from her for her benefit. She lost the case in 2017 and “her marriage of hers” finally ended in 2019. Gina Lollobrigida was famous for her appearances in movies and TV shows.

Born on July 4, 1927, Gina Lollobrigida appeared in several movies like Lucia di Lammermoor, This Wine of Love, Black Eagle, and more. She gained recognition for her work in the romantic comedy film Bread, Love and Dreams, released in 1953.

Gina was also popular for her performance in the 1953 adventure comedy film, Beat the Devil. She went on to appear in other shows like Flesh Will Surrender, A Tale of Five Cities, Four Ways Out, and Attention! Bandits!, The Wayward Wife, Woman of Rome, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Come September, Mad Sea, and more.

Lollobrigida played the role of Carla Lucci in two episodes of the ABC romantic comedy-drama series The Love Boat. As a photojournalist, she photographed various actors, businessmen, and other well-known people. She ran for the Republic Senate last year, but was unsuccessful.