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Scottish actor Brian Cox sparked controversy online after he defended comments by discredited author JK Rowling. While appearing on the latest episode of BBC One’s Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, the 76-year-old star was asked about the TERF controversy surrounding the Harry Potter author.

Rowling has been labeled “TERF”, which is an acronym for a trans-exclusive radical feminists. She first gained negative attention for her comments when she mocked an article for using the phrase “menstruating people” instead of “women.”

She then published an article titled “JK Rowling writes about her reasons for speaking out about sexual and gender issues”, and faced strong online backlash from the trans community and others.

The actor, who stars in the HBO series Succession, defended JK Rowling’s comments stating:

“I don’t like the way she’s been treated, actually. I think that she has the right to express her opinion, she has the right to say what she feels, as a woman, she has a great right to say what she feels about her own body. There is no one better to say as a woman. So I feel like people have been a bit haughty with their attitude towards JK Rowling, quite frankly.”

Twitter reacts to Brian Cox defending JK Rowling

After Brian Cox’s comments defending JK Rowling went viral online, Twitter users were furious. Several users pointed out how the author has been insensitive to the trans community and criticized him for supporting her transphobic thoughts.

Others claimed that while some of the “misogynistic insults” JK Rowling received were unacceptable, she was going against the trans community and should face conviction for the same.

Brian Cox previously defended JK Rowling in 2022

This isn’t the first time that Brian Cox has defended JK Rowling, despite the two having opposing views on the transgender community. According to Metro UK, in May 2022, Brian Cox commented on the backlash Rowling has been facing, calling it “something deeply unfair.”

He said:

“It’s happening over and over again. It’s not just people who get canceled. It’s also people like their families, their children, and their parents. It has such ramifications. It creates a situation like an earthquake.”

Calling the cancellation of JK Rowling “total fascism”, Cox added:

“The hypocritical notion of ‘I’m being liberal,’ but you’re really being fascist and people should stop and behave.”

In his recent interview with Laura Kuenssberg, Cox said he was “proud” of Scotland’s gender bill.

He mentioned:

“I’m very proud of Scotland for doing the gender identification act because I think it’s long overdue and it’s a debate that has to happen.”

The aim of Scotland’s Gender Bill is to streamline and improve the procedure through which trans people can obtain legal gender recognition.

Born on June 1, 1946, Brian Cox is originally from Dundee, UK. He began his screen acting career in 1965 by appearing on the television series The Wednesday Play as Nelson.

Since then, he has starred in several movies and series such as ITV Playhouse, Doomwatch, BBC Play of the Month, The Master of Ballantrae, The Devil’s Crown, King Lear, The Deliberate Death of a Polish Priest, Perfect Scoundrels, Braveheart, The Affair. of the Necklace, The Flying Scotsman, The Good Heart, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Shetland and more.

He is best known for playing Logan Roy on HBO’s Succession.