Who is Michael Barrett? Wiki, Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth

Michael Barrett Wiki – Biography

Michael Bradley Barrett is an American cinematographer. He is known for his work on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Ted. Barrett was born in Riverside, California.

Michael Barrett Age

He is 71 years old.


Finally! After sporting a giant diamond on her ring finger since Nov. 2019, Anna Faris has at last confirmed she’s engaged to her BF of two years, Michael Barrett.

Despite sporting a massive diamond ring on THAT finger since Nov. 2019, Anna Faris kept mum about whether or not she was engaged to boyfriend Michael Barrett…until now.

Who is Jo-Ellyn Tucker? Wiki, Biograpy, Age, Husband Mel Tucker, Children, Net Worth

James Corden managed to get the juicy details out of the 43-year-old actress during a Feb. 11, 2020 stop by The Late Late Show. “Anna, I’ve got to talk to you about this.

This unbelievable ring I’ve just seen on your finger,” James said while holding up Anna’s left hand to show the large emerald cut yellow diamond. “Who are you marrying, Mark Zuckerberg?” he joked.

Anna accepted James’ congratulations on her engagement, but didn’t mention Michael by name. The couple met while filming the 2018 reboot of the movie Overboard, as Anna was the star and Michael was the cinematographer. Anna and ex-husband Chris Pratt, 40, announced their separation on Aug. 6, 2017. A month later Anna and Michel were photographed on a date at a carnival in Malibu. They’ve been together ever since.

Individuals truly need to think about superstar companions and for what reason do they need it? I do not understand. Particularly, if famous people are lesbian or gay, there is an additional strain to deal with the circumstance.

In any case, the cost of VIP’s notoriety must be looked at by their accomplices moreover.


Stars and famous people have adjusted well to the new change in the manner we convey. Aside from a few, celebs have balanced well.

They share photos of their exercises, everyday schedules, relaxes, homes, pets, and all the things.


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