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Mary MacCarthy said the suspicion was based on a “racist assumption” since she is white and her daughter is biracial. A mother and her 10-year-old daughter were detained by officials at Denver International Airport in October after an airline attendant reported a possible human trafficking incident. The couple boarded a Southwest Airlines flight from San Jose, California, on October 22, after MacCarthy received sudden news that her brother had died. The couple was traveling to attend her funeral.

Upon arriving in Denver, she and her daughter were surrounded by two armed police officers and a Southwest staff member on the bridge of the planes and were questioned separately. According to the police report, the crew member said it was suspected that Ms. MacCarthy and her daughter Moira hers were the last to board the plane and that Ms. MacCarthy had asked other passengers to move so she could sit together. During the flight, the mother and daughter had not been very communicative, the report highlights.

Mary MacCarthy Age

Mary MacCarthy is 42 years old.

Mary MacCarthy and her daughter stopped at Airport

A 42-year-old mother from Los Angeles and her 10-year-old daughter were the latest victims of racial prejudice at Denver International Airport on October 22, 2021. The white mother was detained by police officers in Denver on suspicion of human trafficking. since her daughter is biracial. Mary MacCarthy, who was traveling urgently to Denver from Los Angeles after the sudden death of her brother, was confronted by a Southwest Airlines staff member as soon as the mother-daughter duo got off the flight.

The single mother was visibly shocked when two airport police accused her of human trafficking. MacCarthy later shared a video with DailyMail where her daughter can be seen crying in anguish and fear in the presence of two armed police officers as she comforts her saying, “It’s okay, honey.” She also said in the video: “I have a daughter, who has unfortunately already been traumatized by the police in her life.”

MacCarthy was originally reported to police by a Southwest Airlines employee who called her behavior “suspicious” as the grieving mother and her daughter did not share a conversation throughout the flight. Additionally, MacCarthy had asked other passengers to change seats so that she could sit next to Moira.

Based on the employee’s complaint, the police assumed that she was trafficking in the boy. Speaking to DailyMail later, Mary MacCarthy said: “The airline and the police must be held accountable. They boarded us. On the day of the incident, it was clear to me that my family was racially profiled.”

Explaining the reason behind her limited interaction during the two-hour flight, she said that while her daughter was listening to an audiobook, she herself was trying to get some sleep after her brother’s shocking and traumatic death. her. Police finally released the couple after an intense interrogation session. The episode seriously affected Moira, who was already shocked by the death of her uncle.

In the exclusive video, the Los Angeles-based tech expert can be seen in a state of emotional collapse, as she explained to police: “We booked a flight for the three of us last night because my brother, who is 46, went to She was taken to the hospital and died 20 minutes later. He was like a father to her. “This is the kind of situation that mixed-race families and families of color face all the time while traveling,” she later exclaimed.

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