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The Scar Girl, Annie, recently accused Mads Lewis of bullying her in one of her recent TikTok videos. This all happened after Madison, a popular TikToker, uploaded a video in which she got a Scar Girl-like scar on her face and did a quick “Get ready with me” video.

Later in the video, she is also seen wearing an initial N-shaped pattern on her forehead, which is the type of necklace Scar Girl often wears in her videos.

The video, which already has nearly 2 million views, is captioned:

Don’t worry about my scar.

However, right after Mads Lewis uploaded the video, Scar Girl, aka Annie, created a video about it, keeping Mads’s video in the background and hers in front of her. In the video uploaded by Annie, she seems saddened by the fact that Mads created a scar like her to upset her. She captioned the video:

“Bro, it really hurts when a great creator uses his platform to bully a girl for her traumatic scar.”

“You don’t deserve that”: Netizens react to Mads Lewis allegedly bullying Scar Girl by imitating his scar

Shortly after the fiasco, netizens took matters into their own hands and started showing their support for Scar Girl, as many felt that Mads had crossed the line and that he shouldn’t have made fun of Annie and her scar on his neck. video. One social media user commented that Annie doesn’t deserve it, saying:

“Honestly, I saw it and it said a lot about her. You don’t deserve that.

Furthermore, others also felt that TikToker should not have made that video and added that what they did was wrong.

Furthermore, many others also commented on the Mads Lewis video and said that the mockery was inappropriate.

However, Mads soon clarified that he did not intend to make fun of Scar Girl in the video and that it was not directed at anyone in particular. In the now-deleted video, he also talked about her scars, as she said:

“I don’t really hide them, I don’t really erase them. They are like there. You can see them, but they are scars and they fade. And I’ve done things to make them fade away.”

How did she get the scar from her Annie AKA The Scar Girl?

In a recent video uploaded by Annie aka The Scar Girl, she showed how her scar cannot be removed even with makeup removers and baby wipes. Annie, with more than 570,000 followers on the platform, took to TikTok to post the story behind her scar. She claimed that it all happened in March 2020, when she was injured and a mark was left on her face.

Reclaiming how she got this blackish scar due to a reaction to a topic, she said:

“Unfortunately I had a bad reaction to the first topical I tried in an attempt to fade it. I was careless applying it too and this led to a longer injury. She was in a dark place knowing that now it was even worse. I had to wait until it was completely healed to start a second treatment which I started in August. Since then this treatment has been super invasive and I cannot stress enough the pain directed around that lesion. It’s at a point where it really looks gross, it’s raised and scabbed over.”

Also, in many other videos, Annie claims that she wakes up every day to a lot of hateful comments, but she tries to be positive by looking at the encouraging messages and comments.