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Jamie Lynn Scott Wiki, Biography

Social media influencer Jamie Lynn Scott went viral online after she was exposed for her racist rant. The alleged college student, who claimed to be a student at the University of South Carolina, repeatedly used the N-word against blacks in the 5 Points area of Columbia, South Carolina. Since then, netizens have taken to the internet to put the young man in the blast.

In the video, which was uploaded by TikTok user @samvc213, Jamie Lynn can be heard saying, “F**k that fat n**ga.” When asked what her name was, she quickly responded by saying, “It’s Jamie. Jamie Lynn if you want to know baby! When asked in the video if she’s going to college, she responded by saying, “USC, baby!” Lynn asked the woman she was recording the video how many followers she had.

In the next part of the video, Lynn is seen repeatedly using the N-word against a man. Lynn proceeds to call a black woman a “black bitch” in the next segment of the video. In the end, the influencer can be heard saying repeatedly that she loves “influence.”

The TikTok video was discussed by content creator TizzyEnt, who is known online for exposing racist people. Speaking of Lynn in the video of him, TizzyEnt sarcastically said:

“I feel bad for her because…she loves the influence, but she was afraid she wouldn’t get much from them. She asked them how many followers they had and I don’t think she was impressed because she really wants influence. Good news Jamie, I think I’ll have enough supporters to help you.”

TizzyEnt went on to reveal her number of millions of followers on social media platforms. He also exposed Lynn’s Snapchat and Instagram username in his video, which would lead netizens to spam his accounts with trolling.

Netizens react to Jamie Lynn’s exposure for her racist tirade

Netizens were horrified by the video. Many relentlessly criticized the alleged college attendees and pointed out that she would be held responsible for her actions. Some comments online say:

University of South Carolina Responds to Jamie Lynn Scott’s Viral Video

After the TikTok video began to gain traction on social media, many prompted USC to respond to its alleged student engaging in racist speech. The educational institution went to its official Twitter account and revealed that Lynn was not a USC student. Her tweet read:

“Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have no record of this person ever being enrolled as a student at the University of South Carolina.”

At the time of this writing, it is unknown which college Lynn attends or attended. Twitter user Coconut_Bree claimed that Lynn is a student at Central Carolina Technical College. Several other netizens have stated the same thing online. However, this remains to be confirmed by official sources.

Jamie Lynn Scott has amassed 19.4k followers on her official Instagram account. She has mostly uploaded photos of herself showing off her physique and party adventures. The platform bio of her read: “ˏˋ⋆he > i⋆ˊˎ this is my only account!”