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Laura Lentz Wiki – Laura Lentz Biography

Laura Lentz is the wife of Carl Lentz. He is an American pastor. He was the senior pastor of Hillsong Church NYC from 2010 – November 4, 2020. Lentz, along with Joel Houston, began Hillsong NYC, the first Hillsong East Coast church, in 2010.

Lentz was born and raised in Virginia and played basketball at North Carolina State. He moved to Los Angeles to attend King’s College and Seminary, then headed to Australia to join Hillsong’s training program, Hillsong College, where he met his wife, Laura. He worked in youth ministry in Virginia Beach before moving to Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg neighborhood to launch Hillsong’s first U.S. location, according to Religion News Service.

Hillsong was founded in 1983 in Sydney, Australia, and has grown to include locations in more than 20 countries. Its locations in the U.S. include New York, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Laura Lentz Age

Laura Lentz’s age is unknown.

Carl Lentz Fired

Pastor Carl Lentz was fired from Hillsong church on November 4, 2020. Brian Houston, the founder of Hillsong, announced the termination in a statement on the church site: “Today Hillsong Church East Coast advised our congregation that we have terminated the employment of Pastor Carl Lentz. This action was not taken lightly and was done in the best interests of everyone, including Pastor Carl.

“We thank Pastors Carl and Laura for the way they have served faithfully and sacrificially since the start of Hillsong NYC and for contributing so significantly to the countless lives that have been transformed for Jesus Christ through this ministry. They have a heart for people and we are confident that after a time of rest and restoration, God will use Carl in another way outside of Hillsong church. In terminating his tenure, we in no way want to diminish the good work he did here.

“This action has been taken following ongoing discussions in relation to leadership issues and breaches of trust, plus a recent revelation of moral failures.

“It would not be appropriate for us to go into detail about the events that led to this decision. Our focus at this time is to honor God and pastorally care for our East Coast church community as well as the Lentz family.

“While I have no doubt that this is the right course of action, I must mention Bobbie’s and my personal sadness, as we have known Laura her entire life and Carl for well over 20 years.”

Lentz addressed his termination in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday [November 5, 2020]. He wrote: “Our time at HillsongNYC has come to an end. This is a hard ending to what has been the most amazing, impacting, and a special chapter of our lives. Leading this church has been an honor in every sense of the word and it is impossible to articulate how much we have loved and will always love the amazing people in this church. When you accept the calling of being a pastor, you must live in such a way that it honors the mandate. That it honors the church, and that it honors God. When that does not happen, a change needs to be made and has been made in this case to ensure that the standard is upheld.

“Laura and I and our amazing children have given all that we have to serve and build this church and over the years I did not do an adequate job of protecting my own spirit, refilling my own soul, and reaching out for the readily available help that is available. When you lead out of an empty place, you make choices that have real and painful consequences. I was unfaithful in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life, and held accountable for that. This failure is on me, and me alone and I take full responsibility for my actions. I now begin a journey of rebuilding trust with my wife, Laura, and my children, and taking real-time to work on and heal my own life and seek out the help that I need.

“I am deeply sorry for breaking the trust of many people who we have loved serving and understand that this news can be very hard and confusing for people to hear and process. I would have liked to say this with my voice, to you, in person because you are owed that. But that opportunity I will not have. So to those people, I pray you can forgive me and that over time I can live a life where trust is earned again. To our pastors, Brian and Bobbie, thank you for allowing us to lead, allowing us to thrive, and giving us room to have a voice that you have never stifled or tried to silence. Thank you for your grace and kindness especially in this season, as you have done so much to protect and love us through this. We, the Lentz family, don’t know what this next chapter will look like, but we will walk into it together very hopeful and grateful for the grace of God.”


Carl Lentz Affair

Pastor Carl Lentz revealed in a lengthy Instagram post that he cheated on his wife Laura Lentz. “I was unfaithful in my marriage, the most important relationship in my life, and held accountable for that. This failure is on me, and me alone and I take full responsibility for my actions. I now begin a journey of rebuilding trust with my wife, Laura, and my children and taking real-time to work on and heal my own life and seek out the help that I need,” he wrote in part alongside an image of him with his wife Laura and their three children.

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Laura Lentz & Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz has been married to his wife Laura Lentz since 2003.


Carl Lentz and his wife Laura Lentz have three children; Roman Lentz, Ava Lentz, and Charlie Lentz.

Carl Lentz Gay

Carl Lentz “believes that LGBTQ+ people are sinners,” The Cut reported. In 2015, Hillsong founder Brian Houston released a statement on homosexuality on the church’s website. Houston said he holds “to traditional Christian thought on gay lifestyles and gay marriage. I do believe God’s word is clear that marriage is between a man and a woman. The writings of the apostle Paul in scripture on the subject of homosexuality are also clear.”

“Hillsong Church welcomes ALL people but does not affirm all lifestyles. But clearly, we do not affirm a gay lifestyle and because of this we do not knowingly have actively gay people in positions of leadership, either paid or unpaid.”

Net Worth

Carl Lentz’s net worth is estimated to be $2.5million.


Hillsong pastors earn a salary. Carl Lentz’s salary is unclear. He told TMZ, “like all pastors, he draws a salary and what he chooses to buy with his money is his business.”




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