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Ken Dilanian Wiki – Ken Dilanian Biography

Ken Dilanian is an American Journalist and host who is popularly known for his coverage of news in Iraq as a foreign correspondent embedding with U.S. troops. At that time, he operated independently from war-torn Baghdad. He is at the moment working on the investigative unit as an off-air reporter in the NBC news focusing primarily on national security and intelligence.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in political science and history from Williams College in 1991.

Dilanian started his career as a reporter based in Washington, D.C., bureau where he worked from April 2010 until May 2014. He also worked for the LA Times as a writer.

Ken got a lot of appraisal and attention for writing about Deaths in Philadelphia’s child welfare system and coverage of news in Iraq. It won him a Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism in 2007.

At the moment, he is working on the investigative unit as an off-air reporter in the NBC news focusing primarily on national security and intelligence.

Ken Dilanian Age

Ken Dilanian is 52 years old.


He is married and blessed with two boys making a perfect family of four.

Dilanian Curse on Live TV

When MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin was throwing to NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian on Tuesday, it was pretty quickly established that something was amiss.

Melvin was going to a segment on the Trump administration’s refusal to work on the presidential transition with Joe Biden’s team, when he asked Dilanian, “Ken, what have you learned, sir?”

Dilanian, possibly thinking his zoom connection had been lost and not realizing he was on camera, could be seen and heard whispering to himself, “Oh, sh*t. F*ck.” A poker-faced Melvin then said, “OK, I think we lost Ken for a second.”

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Watch the clip below.

Later, Melvin brought Dilanian – who covers national security and intelligence – back on the air, saying they’d earlier experienced technical issues. The correspondent said he “sincerely apologized” to viewers for any profanity they may have heard, then went on with his report.

An MSNBC spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment, but there was plenty of humorous (and relatable) reaction on Twitter.

Dilanian also has been reporting on the transition, including President Donald Trump’s decision to fire Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and Attorney General William Barr’s memo that laid the groundwork for investigations of electoral fraud, even though there is little evidence of any systemic causes. The top Justice Department official overseeing the voter fraud investigations unit then resigned in protest, the network reported.


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