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John Michael Eskildsen is accused of being the Virginia Beach neighbor who plays racist monkey noises to a black family who lives nearby. On September 30, 2021, CNN broke the story that a Virginia Beach woman named Jannique Martinez says her neighbor plays recordings of racial slurs and monkey noises when her family activates their sensors.

“The moment we found this house, I loved it,” Jannique Martinez, who is black, works in healthcare with young children, told CNN. “It was everything I envisioned for my family and raising my children in a nice, quiet neighborhood.” But the situation quickly turned into a nightmare. However, CNN did not name John Eskildsen as a neighbor. He was charged on social media accounts, including a page on Facebook

called Virginia Beach Scanner Uncensored. Online records give Eskildsen’s address as the home in question.

Online records confirm that Martinez lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. They also show that she lives in the 2005 house on the street in question, and he lives in 2001. He is 47 years old. Online records give his address and the photos of his house on Google Maps match the photo of his house on CNN. Heavy approached both Martinez and another neighbor about John Michael Eskildsen.

Martinez posted a video accusing the neighbor of playing ‘Monkey Noises Towards Me & My Family’

Martínez posted a video on Facebook, writing: “In this day and age, this is what I and my family have to deal with. My obnoxious neighbor plays this along with the monkey noises towards me and my family EVERY DAY! There are no laws in the Commonwealth to protect us from it. This affects my children mentally and emotionally. It is a sad moment for all of us !! ”

The situation has gone viral on social networks, since the name of John Eskildsen was a trend when he was accused of being the neighbor.

“My son is terrified of him. Terrified, terrified ” Martinez told WAVY.com. “The situation of the words with N… they came to me and said, ‘Mom, what is that?’ I did not subject my children to that. I didn’t think they would ever have to learn what this means. ”He claimed that the neighbor has several surveillance cameras.

Eskildsen has not responded to requests for comment from various media outlets.

The Virginia Beach Police Department says the behavior is “shocking” but falls short of the level of criminal behavior

The police have basically said that their hands are tied.

The Virginia Beach Police Department shared a statement on Twitter, writing: “The VBPD has responded to several calls for service over the past few months related to loud music / nuisance complaints at Jessamine Court. As shocking and offensive as the behavior of neighbors is, the Virginia city attorney and magistrates have separately determined that the actions reported so far have fallen short of a level that Virginia law defines as criminal behavior. This means that the VBPD has not had the authority to intervene and the court orders were not supported. We will closely monitor the situation, investigate the complaints and, within the limits of the law, we will help this family with this very unpleasant situation ”.

Virginia Beach police told CNN they are “very aware of the current situation.”

“The observed conduct has been reviewed with the City Attorney for possible criminal sanctions; however, the activity, while gruesome, was found not to be criminally prosecutable, “the Virginia Beach Police Department said in a statement to CNN.

Martinez told CNN that the neighbor changes the music depending on the neighbor

Martinez told CNN that the neighbor has a sensor with flashing lights. When his family leaves or returns to their homes, “everyone starts blinking” and music plays at full volume. But it changes the music according to the family that activates it.

He said the neighbor plays monkey noises. The family called the police.

“Since that day he’s been playing N-s skits he found online,” he said. Martinez said he performs skits that say, “Black people have nothing better to do than go to a comedy club on Friday nights” and, “Hey everyone, look, it’s N… boy. Everybody says, ‘hello N… boy.’

NPR reported, “A man who lives next door throws monkey sounds, banjo music, and racist slurs at Martinez and his family, a situation that dragged on for months.

An old bankruptcy petition says Eskildsen worked in technical support

Heavy.com filed for bankruptcy in 2005 in the name of John Michael Eskildsen through federal court records. He gave the name of a joint debtor, Marylou Licudo Eskildsen, and gave their addresses as the address of Jessamine Court in Virginia Beach. They were listed with assets between 0 and $ 50,000 and debts in the same range, with 1 to 15 creditors.

They listed more than $ 20,000 in personal property. They only had $ 10 in their checking accounts and $ 965 in household items.
At the time, his occupation was listed as technical support for Canon, where he had worked for four years. His wife was listed as unemployed. His gross monthly income was only $ 2,10379. The bankruptcy petition said the couple was married with a 3-month-old son and a 5-year-old daughter.

Over the years, he made between $ 23,000 and $ 26,000 a year. Read the petition here. Heavy found an obituary for Eskilden’s father, Walter, who died in 2016. It says that Walter was a federal government official, a veteran, and active in his church. The obituary lists his son and daughter-in-law, “John and Marylou.”

There is a case in his name in Virginia court records, but the details were not immediately clear. It appears to be a speeding ticket, as noted in the case file “Charge: 58/45 SP”. Your race is given as white in those records. His wife has cases of expired registration and lack of inspection of a vehicle, in addition to a case of speeding in 2013.

Marriage records on Ancestry.com show that she married in Virginia Beach in 1999.

No obvious photos or social media sites for John Eskildsen could be found.

Neighbors have joined the Martinez family

A woman who lives in the area helped organize a demonstration in support of the Martínez family, writing on facebook, “We currently have some peace, and our neighbors do not have to endure the racial insults directed against them! The support from the community has been amazing. We want nothing more to live in peace in our homes. Kids running around doing their thing no nonsense! It is not over yet! But it’s a start! ” City officials have also defended the Martinez family.

“It may be legal, but it’s not okay,” Councilman Michael Berlucchi said during a city meeting. according to Pilot Online. “We can’t let that hold up in Virginia Beach. Virginia Attorney General told the Washington Post that was “unacceptable and will not be tolerated in Virginia.” His Office for Civil Rights is trying to help the Martinez family, The Post reported. The sounds have become softer after the clamor, Pilot Online reported, adding: “The sounds are played through a window approximately every 15 to 30 seconds.”

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