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Jeffrey Burnham, 46, of Cumberland, “wanted to confront ‘his brother‘ with the government that poisons people with COVID vaccines,” reads a document, which adds: “He repeatedly said: ‘Brian knows something! ! ‘”.

Burnham’s mother told detectives she planned to confront her brother, Brian Robinette, 58, Howard County court documents specify. Documents say Burnham also killed Robinette’s wife, Kelly Sue Robinette, 57, and another woman, identified as Rebecca Reynolds, 83.

Jeffrey Burnham Age

Jeffrey Burnham is 46 years old.

Jeffrey Burnham Shoots dead pharmacist brother

A mentally unstable Maryland man shot and killed his brother and sister-in-law because he believed their brother, who was a pharmacist, was “killing people with the Covid-19 vaccine,” court documents revealed. Forty-six-year-old Jeffrey Burnham first stabbed to death his mother’s childhood friend, stole her car, and drove to his brother’s home.

‘[Burnham] told Evelyn that he wanted to confront Brian about the fact that the government was poisoning people with COVID vaccines and that he repeatedly stated,’ Brian knows something, ‘”the indictment documents filed in court read. County Sheriff’s Office. Police arrested Burnham Oct. 1 at The Billy Motel & Bar in Davis, West Virginia, after an 18-hour search. The manhunt ended after he confessed to a firefighter that he “had forced to kill three people. ”

Two days before this murder, Burnham broke into the home of 83-year-old Rebecca Reynolds and stabbed her to death. He later stole his car and drove to his brother’s Ellicott City residence, police confirmed. Once there, Burnham, who lives with his mother Evelyn, broke into the home of his brother Brian Robinette, 58, and shot him dead. He later murdered his wife, Kelly Sue Robinette, 57.

The documents revealed that just the week before the murders, Evelyn had called the Cumberland police twice to inform them that she was concerned about the “mental stability” of her son. She told police that Burnham repeatedly told her that the FBI was following him. She also claimed that her son had maintained a security system in her room at the house where they lived, and that she was concerned that Burnham was talking about Reynold’s car.

On the day she murdered Reynolds, a neighbor of hers, Rin Kifer, 69, had noticed that the doors to her home were open. She also saw that her car was not in the driveway. Kifer went to see how she was doing and found that her back door was open. As she entered, she found Reynolds on the couch in his nightgown and covered with a blanket.

Assuming she had had a heart attack, Kifer called 911. However, when police arrived and removed the blanket, they found a deep cut on her neck. There were signs of struggle. His body was found along with a broken vase, a cordless phone, and a cane scattered on the ground.

The insider who called Maryland State Police said Burnham kept saying his brother was giving people the Covid-19 vaccine, which was “killing people.” After being arrested in West Virginia, Burnham was returned to Maryland. He is now being held in the Allegany County Jail on first and second-degree murder charges.

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