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Jessica Martin, 35, who was eight months pregnant, was shot when her ex-husband Jeffrey Lynn Martin, 47, broke into her Phenix City home on September 24. A pregnant Alabama woman and her boyfriend were shot and killed last week by her ex-husband before he shot himself in a horrific murder-suicide, police said.

Her boyfriend and father of her unborn son, Richard Cook, 40, was killed trying to protect her. his relatives told WTVM. Family members said Cook armed himself with a baseball bat while trying to defend himself from Martin. After shooting his ex-wife and boyfriend, Phenix City Police said Martin fled into a wooded area in front of the home and committed suicide.

Jessica was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead, according to police. Doctors performed a cesarean section in an attempt to save her unborn child, but were unsuccessful. Authorities said the incident was the result of a “domestic violence encounter.” All of the victims were identified by the Russell County Coroner.

Martin had not been heard from in 10 years before he came forward and began threatening his ex-wife the day before the murder-suicide, the family told WTVM. Family members say Martin’s 14-year-old son, who he shared with Jessica, was inside the home at the time and witnessed the ordeal.

“When I got to the driveway, (Martin’s son) ran up to me and said, ‘Uncle Bubba, Richard is dead, my dad shot him in the head, he came in and said my mom was gurgling,'” Uncle from Jessica, Terry Moore told the local media. Police have not yet released a motive for the murder-suicide, but relatives said Martin had been yelling that he wanted to see his son before opening fire.

“He was saying he just wanted to see my son, then he did what he did in front of him,” Moore said. He claimed that Martin had been stalking the family by camping in the wooded area in front of the house in the previous days.

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