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From Turkey, There is the strange story of a missing drunk who joined his own search party without realizing that people were looking for him. According to Daily Sabah, the man’s name is Beyhan Mutlu, and the search party took place in Bursa, Turkey, in September 2021. Mutlu had disappeared from the Inegöl district of the northwestern province of Bursa, the site reported. It appeared when he joined his own search party.

The story went viral on social media. “Thank you Beyhan Mutlu for making me believe that in this broken world someone lost can find himself.” wrote a Twitter user.

Mutlu screamed ‘It’s me’ when he realized the search party was looking for him

Eventually, Mutlu realized that the search party was looking for him because people were shouting his name while searching, according to Daily Sabah.

This caused him to scream “It’s me”, which led to the deprivation that he was not only alive and well, but was also looking for himself.

The Daily Sabah reported that Mutlu, 50, had wandered into the forest in Inegöl “while intoxicated and then tried to help the main search party of the gendarmerie that was looking for him.”

BBC reported that his wife and friends had reported him missing. BBC reported that it was unclear whether Mutlu was fined as a result of the waste of resources.

Mutlu, a construction worker, says there was ‘no need’ to report him missing

Mutlu spoke to the Sabah news site about the situation.

“I am a construction worker in Inegöl. I came to Çayyaka to work in construction. I had a few drinks with some friends. I left them around 2 am at night. We were staying at a friends’ villa in an area close to the construction site. I went to one of the villas and slept, ”Mutlu explained, according to the site.

“When one of my friends couldn’t find me, he reported my disappearance to the gendarmerie. There really was no need for that. I had changed my phone. That’s why the gendarmerie couldn’t reach me when they called. I woke up around 5 in the morning. I thought there was an accident on the road. I saw the search party looking for a missing person. I also participated in the search. ”

But he told aa.com.tr that it was all exaggerated, saying, “I went to the place where I was staying to sleep late at night. When the friend who stayed with me couldn’t find me, they called the gendarmerie. I didn’t know anything, I was sleeping. Someone called me in the morning. ‘ They said. So I got dressed and went downstairs. The search events were exaggerated, nothing of the sort happened. ”

According to Vaziyet, “In İnegöl district of Bursa, a person named Beyhan Mutlu searched himself for hours, assuming that the search efforts initiated for him were for someone else. The teams prepared a report on the search and left the missing person at home. ”

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