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 This week, a grand jury indicted Alex Pino in connection with the death of 4-year-old James Reese, Jr. A Florida man faces a first-degree murder charge for allegedly killing a foster child who was part of his extended family, WJXT-TV reports. In April, the boy was rushed to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, where doctors discovered multiple injuries consistent with abuse, including fractures to the ribs, an arm, neck, skull, and vertebrae, according to the Florida Times-Union and WJXT-TV.

Eventually, life support was removed and he died, the cause of which was listed as blunt force trauma. Pino allegedly told investigators that he bathed the boy on April 15 and told him to get dressed for school. Pino said that when he returned to the room, the boy was on the floor and was not moving, WJXT-TV reports.

James Reese Age

James Reese was 4 years old.

James Reese Cause of Death – Suspect

Pino told police that he thought the boy was “playing” with him, but when the boy did not respond, he began performing chest compressions, according to court records obtained by WJXT-TV.

Doctors who responded to the home say that Pino told them that the boy had already dressed for school but urinated on himself and that Pino asked him to bathe again and change clothes before he was found unconscious. Pino did not share that information with investigators, according to court records obtained by the television station.

In addition to the murder charge, Pino faces a charge of aggravated child abuse, reports WJXT-TV. Authorities believe the boy’s other adoptive mother, Michelle Sipko, was aware of the abuse. She faces charges of child neglect and manslaughter, the television station reports. Reese was among four siblings who lived with extended relatives as part of a “kinship placement,” which is like a foster home, except that the children live with people related to them. according to WTLV-TV.

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The children had been living with relatives since last year. Christoper Nastasi, the boy’s uncle, told WJXT-TV that the children were removed from their mother’s care not because they were being hurt, but because their sister was abused herself. The boy’s mother, Karissa García, told WJXT-TV that she wants justice for her son.

“It was very useful. He loved to play with his brothers. He was a very good boy. He had a bright smile, ”Garcia told the television channel. “It is very difficult to understand what happened. Very painful. Authorities will soon decide whether to seek the death penalty against Pino.

Garcia told WJXT-TV that he does not want the death penalty, but rather wants Pino to remain behind bars. I don’t want him to do the death penalty,” Garcia told the television channel. “I want him to be in prison for the rest of his life.” Pino has pleaded not guilty to the charges. He is being held in jail without bail.


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