Biden Billboards With Ice Cream Pop Up in North Carolina, Wisconsin

Biden’s billboard shows similar scenes

Billboards showing Joe Biden eating ice cream in the context of the Afghanistan evacuations have appeared in North Carolina and Wisconsin. But it is not clear who placed them. The North Carolina buyer remained anonymous; the buyer in Wisconsin is unclear, although the billboard says “US veterans pay for it.”

The billboards are causing a stir in both states. The Wisconsin billboard was placed in Greenfield, Wisconsin, which is a suburb of Milwaukee. The North Carolina billboard appeared in Wilmington, North Carolina. They contain similar, but slightly different, images of Biden eating ice cream cones juxtaposed with a scene from the Afghanistan evacuations. Both are states of transition. Both are digital billboards.

Some critics of President Joe Biden have mocked the media in the past for asking him softball questions about ice cream flavors. ZeroHedge, a conservative news site, allegedWithout evidence, a viral photo showing Taliban soldiers eating ice cream was intended to be a message to Biden.


Wilmington, North Carolina, Biden Billboard

According to Fox News, a poster of Biden eating ice cream appeared in Wilmington, but the person who bought it was anonymous, according to

Sonya Patrick, the representative of the New Hanover County Democratic Party, told the television station: “This is no laughing matter, it is a very sensitive subject and should not be made fun of. Perhaps that is why the person did not put his name because a part of his conscience if he has any kind of moral conscience, is to let him know ”.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a photo of the North Carolina billboard on his Instagram account, writing: “Apparently this is a billboard in Wilmington, North Carolina from photos sent to me by a friend. You get it thanks guys, hopefully, the rest of the world doesn’t have to keep learning the hard way about the incompetence of the Biden administration. ”

Donald Tedder, owner of Tedder Billboards, told the New York Post that the anonymous buyer was upset after seeing the chaos in Kabul. They were disappointed in what has been happening,” Tedder told the Post. He said the buyer thought a billboard would reach more people than a letter to the editor. I think it worked better than we expected,” he told the publication.

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Greenfield, Wisconsin, Biden billboard

The billboard company in Greenfield, Wisconsin, is Jones Sign. That doesn’t mean the company created the Biden billboard. It means that the space was rented to them. Heavy contacted Jones Sign to ask who put up Biden’s billboard but has yet to receive a response. Jones Sign manufactured and installed this billboard in the Milwaukee, WI area. The billboard has two EMCs (electronic messaging centers) for drivers to see in both directions. ” according to Wes Cover of the billboard space.

Jones Sign’s site adds: “Since 1910, Jones Sign Company has provided industry-leading design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of signage, lighting, and architectural elements for construction companies and design firms.”


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