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The victim’s 5-year-old twins were in the back seat when 27-year-old Jamela Chatman forced her to stop her car. WKBN informed. Chatman reportedly took the woman’s car keys before she left the scene. An Ohio woman was arrested over the weekend after she allegedly cut a woman in traffic, pulled her out of her car, and struck her with a hammer.

When Youngstown police arrived on the scene, a woman who was monitoring the victim showed them a live Facebook video of Chatman bragging about taking the victim’s keys and threatening her. The victim told police that a passenger in Chatman’s car at one point tried to get his children out of the car. That woman later told investigators that she wanted to get the children out of harm’s way.

Jamela Chatman Age

Jamela Chatman is 27 years old.

Woman cut off in traffic, pulled from the car,

The woman had lacerations to her scalp and arms but refused medical attention. Officers determined Chatman’s identity and where she lived and arrested her there. Police reports said they found a hammer in the home but did not locate the victim’s keys. It is unclear why Chatman stopped in front of the victim and forced her to stop.

Chatman was jailed on felony assault and burglary charges, according to Mahoning County Jail records. She was ordered held on $ 19,000 bond during a hearing Monday.

Chatman was arrested after police were called around 12:50 p.m. Saturday to Cameron and Gibson avenues for a report of a woman struck with a hammer. When officers arrived, reports said the victim told officers that she was driving down Gibson Avenue when a vehicle driven by Chatman cut her off and forced her to stop.

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Chatman then got out of her vehicle, ran into the victim’s vehicle, pulled her out of her, and began beating her with his fists and a hammer. The woman told police that she had her five-year-old twins in the car. A female passenger in Chatman’s car went to the back of the victim’s car and tried to get the children out. Later, the woman told police that she was trying to get the children out of harm’s way.

Chatman took the victim’s keys before leaving, according to reports. Reports said that when officers were on the scene, they learned that Chatman recorded a live video on Facebook presuming that he took the victim’s keys. A woman who was nearby and checking on the victim showed the police Facebook page on Chatman, where she made a video threatening the victim, according to reports.

Reports say officers found out where Chatman lives and arrested her at her home. They found a hammer there, but no keys, according to reports. The woman had cuts on her arm and scalp, but she reportedly refused medical attention.


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