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Heather Gay is an entrepreneur and a cast member of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” the 10th show in Bravo’s “Real Housewives” franchise. She owns a medical spa business, Beauty Lab and Laser. Beauty Lab offers Mini Lip Plump®, coolsculpting, Stretch Mark Solution treatment, Botox, Custom Contour, Hydrafacial, Feel the Peels, and Beauty Lab Skincare packages. Beauty Lab + Laser also offer Laser Hair Removal “using state-of-the-art Alexandrite and Yag laser technology.”

Beauty Lab + Laser was created by Heather Gay and her friend Andrea Nord. Heather and Andrea met in 2008 when their daughters were in the same kindergarten class. They pursued different careers, Andrea worked in the Medical Spa industry while Heather focused on photography and marketing. They met again in 2015, when they had an opportunity to acquire an existing medical practice.

Heather Gay has already emerged as one of the show’s breakout stars. She’s got no filter (though probably a few fillers) and lots of facial expressions that will be plastered all over the internet soon enough. We’ve learned about her family and her business and her ties to some major historical figures, especially via her ex-husband.

“I am a purebred, pedigreed, pioneer Mormon,” she explained in her interview, saying that her ancestors came across the plains as pioneers and settled in Utah. “I married a Mormon man, I had three Mormon daughters, every descendant in our line is Mormon.”

She goes on to say, “I married into a family of extreme wealth,” and she ain’t joking. “Howard Hughes comes in, hires my grandfather-in-law as his driver and henchman. Howard Hughes loved the Mormons and when he passed, the Gay family inherited a huge portion of his estate. The Gay family is worth billions, so I basically married into Mormon royalty. But it all came crashing down when we got divorced five years ago. In the Mormon church, divorce is not an option.” Heather and her ex-husband were married for 11 years, and says she is still dealing with pain from the split, telling Page Six, “I didn’t know how to function. I’m still having a very, very difficult time.”

Heather Gay Age

Heather Gay’s age is unclear.


Heather Gay divorced from her husband of 11 years in 2015.


Heather Gay has three daughters — Ashley, Georgia, and Annabelle.

Net Worth

Her cosmetic medical practice Beauty Lab + Laser is valued at over $20 million. Her ex-husband’s grandfather inherited money from businessman Howard Hughes.


Heather Gay was a devout Mormon from birth. She was married to Mormon royalty for 11 years but has distanced herself from the church after her divorce. She now describes herself as “Mormon-ish” and calls herself a “good Mormon gone bad.”




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