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The FBI arrested Heather Bycroft on Wednesday. Investigators said they have video evidence showing Heather and her husband Jason Bycroft making various pornographic videos. Some of them involve children as young as six. The investigation into Heather and Jason began when a Broken Arrow police detective received a tip that there was child pornography on Jason’s Dropbox account.

The arrest affidavit states that once officers obtained a search warrant for the account, they found multiple videos of children performing sexual acts. The FBI said they recognized Heather’s voice and determined that she was the camera operator in several videos. The affidavit focuses on a series of videos from July 4, 2015. Investigators say the videos show Jason holding a six-year-old girl in the pool, repeatedly trying to expose her to Heather’s camera as she approached.

Heather Bycroft Charged – Arrested

A woman was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday, September 22, after she and her husband were accused of making child pornography videos.

A Broken Arrow police detective learned of child pornography on Jason Bycroft’s Dropbox account. He was seen several children performing sexual acts on his account after officers acquired an affidavit to investigate the same. They also found that the female voice heard in some of the videos was that of the suspect’s wife, Heather Bycroft, a first-grade teacher at Bixby East Elementary and Middle School who is said to hold the camera.

According to CrimeOnline, the affidavit focuses on a series of videos from July 4, 2015. Authorities said the videos show Jason holding a six-year-old girl in the pool as he repeatedly tries to expose her to Heather’s camera, which zooms. in the perverted act. “The handling of the minor’s shorts is overt, intentional and not an accident,” the FBI said in a statement. “This is evidenced by the defendant’s attempt to capture this multiple times in all three videos.”

The FBI found several more videos, some of which showed Heather’s face. Some of them apparently showed her trying to record women’s skirts. “To learn that a Bixby teacher charged with the safety and well-being of children may have engaged in such abominable conduct as the alleged is highly disturbing,” the school district said in a statement. “We strongly condemn any action by an adult that endangers the mental or physical health of a child.”

Heather Bycroft was suspended immediately after her arrest on child pornography charges, Bixby Public Schools Superintendent Rob Miller said in a statement Friday, September 24. Speaking to KJRH, District Attorney Jack Thorp said they had filed charges of rape in the first degree against Jason Bycroft in 2016 in Cherokee County. At the time, the victim was reportedly related to Heather Bycroft, who was said to be at the residence when the incident occurred. According to Thorp, they were unable to press charges against Heather at the time because they lacked probable cause.

However, Jason Bycroft was charged in Wagoner County Friday with lewd abuse of a child. The 2016 first-degree rape charge against him in Cherokee County remains pending, and he also faces federal child pornography charges. “This new charge is based on the activity that actually occurred prior to the Cherokee County case,” Thorp, who is the district attorney for Cherokee and Wagoner counties, explained to WJRH.

Thorp noted that his efforts to hold the Bycrofts accountable were further complicated after the May 2020 Supreme Court case of McGirt v. Oklahoma, which ruled that only the federal court system and tribal courts could prosecute Native Americans for alleged crime on Native lands, which represents a sizable portion of eastern Oklahoma, according to CrimeOnline.

Thorp told KTUL that due to the Supreme Court precedent, the federal government, and not his office, will take over the 2016 rape case as the victim is a Native American. On the other hand, Thorp said they can prosecute Jason Bycroft in the Wagoner County case on the grounds that he and the victim are not Native Americans. At the same time, his office cannot prosecute his wife because she is a Native American. That said, the Bycrofts are currently out of jail on bail following their arrests.

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