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Fanny Serrano, who died peacefully in his rest, has a wonderful husband and girlfriend Patpat Maktin Miranda. In fact, Patpat Miranda was the person who confirmed the news to ABS-CBN that her father, the prestigious cosmetics craftsman, had passed away.

Fanny, also known as Felix Mariano Fausto Jr., was just 74 years old when he died at his home in Quezon City on May 10 late Tuesday with his significant other and children.

Who is Fanny Serrano woman? Group Of The Artist Fanny Serrano is linked to his delightful wife, whose name is still mysterious. The Philippino cosmetics craftsman kept his family very mysterious and has not revealed the details of his family.

Fanny, whose real name is Felix Mariano Fausto Jr. was born to a father, Felix Mariano Fausto Sr., and a mother. He also had a sister named sister Victoria Lorna Fernandez.

The LGBTQ crowd mourns the shortcoming of his passing and misses the star creator who has planned such countless gorgeous dresses for some of the big names.

Fanny was a cosmetics craftsman, but he was also a style designer and an entertainer. He starred in Tarima (2010), Babangon ako’t dudurugin kita (1989) and Tulak (2009).

Also Read: Fanny Serrano Daughter Patpat Maktin Miranda and children Fanny Serrano has a girl named Patpat Maktin Miranda and a child. The name of his other youngsters has not been revealed.

Patpat, his girlfriend, announced his passing in a heartbreaking Facebook post where she said: “He died peacefully in his peace, and his whole family is a comfort that many fans praise his life and honor how he has contacted the life of individuals.”

She also honored him by saying, “Thank you to this Man who supported, cared for and nurtured me, the one I called Papa, this Man who showed me the real meaning of life. I’m glad to be your little girl.”

What’s going on with Fanny Serrano? Infection and illness Fanny Serrano apparently had cardiovascular disease and suffered a massive stroke in March 2021. From then on he was recovering.

It wasn’t when he first had a stroke, as the warning signs had started earlier in 2006. In addition, when the heart condition struck in 2021, he was kept in a coma. He was unable to inhale all by himself without the machines.

From then on he became great but his medical problem was not stable and unfortunately he passed away at his home in Quezon City on May 10, 2022 around 9pm.


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