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Divine Compere is a notable financial manager from Miami, Florida. In particular, he is the child of the effective businessman Shakim Compere, who co-owns the taste unit Entertainment with Latifah. Divine Compere often comes into the public eye because of his previous lover Elaine, who stunned on January 27, 2017.

Furthermore, the police station never found Elaine, even after a considerable time of in-depth investigation. Divine Compere and his family collaborated with the police investigation for quite some time, and they, too, soon bent down to look for her.

Who are Divine Compere Parents? Elaine Park Boyfriend Divine Compere was born to his caring guardians in Miami, Florida. In particular, his father is a remarkably effective financial specialist from Calabasas, Los Angeles County, California. Furthermore, his father, Shakim Compere, is an award-winning Primetime Emmy Award-winning filmmaker.

Divine was the suspect as Elaine Park’s beauty when she disappeared. Nevertheless, the research group said his parents were helpful and pleasant during the study. In that sense, they never found any evidence against him and his parents.

Divine Compere Age: He was just twenty-one when Elaine Park disappeared Divine Compere has arrived at the age of 26 on the current date as he was born in June 1995. Notably, he was only 21 years old when his previous lover, Elaine Park, disappeared after she left his loft around 6 a.m. on January 27, 2017.

On the other hand, his better half was only 20 when she was born on September 24, 1996. His better half was a notable hopeful entertainer and model who had worked in a number of television shows including ER Distraught TV, Desperate Housewives, Crazy Stupid Love and Role Models .

Divine Compere Net Worth: He is the son of millionaire Divine Compere has received notable attention from the public space due to Elaine’s missing case. In the meantime, many continue to ponder whether Divine has amassed a total net worth as of the current date, much like the child of an effective financial specialist.

Nevertheless, at this point he has never disclosed his total net worth in the media where certain individuals accept that he could have a total net worth of thousands of dollars. On the other hand, his father’s ongoing total net worth comes to about $10 million. Nevertheless, the grade assessed has yet to be confirmed.

Divine Compere Whereabouts Now 2022 Divine Compere had been trying to find his previous lover because he had asked his companions to look for her. In the meantime, people are wondering where he is on the current date. Whatever the case may be, he likes to continue in a safe-living position that some would expect to be living in Los Angeles County, California.

In particular, he sent the mission Help Elaine Park search on Facebook. Nevertheless, he never figured out how to find her as there is no trace of her at the present date.

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