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Who is Erica Lindbeck? Actress deletes Twitter account after Futaba AI cover video row

Erica Lindbeck Wiki – Erica Lindbeck Biography

Futaba’s voice actress Erica Lindbeck deleted her Twitter account following a row over a Futaba AI cover video that used her voice. Fans defended the voice actress and denounced efforts to monetize her voice without her permission.

Meanwhile, some people on Twitter blamed her for “running a harassing campaign over a harmless video.”

Who is Erica Lindbeck?

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in Greenville, North Carolina, Erica Lindbeck is an American actress. Before deciding to major in acting at the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television, she participated in numerous school and local community theater shows.

Erica is well known for providing the voices for many different characters in movies, video games, and TV shows, such as Loona from Helluva Boss, Cassie Cage from Mortal Kombat 11, Black Cat in Spider-Man (2018 video game), Barbie from Barbie: Dolphin Magic, Barbie: Spy Squad and Barbie: Star Light Adventure (as well as Hello Barbie doll) and Cheelai in Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Super Hero.

Her list of voice acting credits also includes Emira from The Owl House, Loa from Pacific Rim: The Black, Jessie Rasberry from Final Fantasy VII Remake, Alyson Ronan from Tell Me Why, Elora from Arcane, Mustard/Barista/Assistant/ The Princess from Smiley Friends, Daki from Demon Slayer, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers from Marvel Future Avengers, Marvel Future Evolution and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: the Black Order, Misty and Meredith from Cyberpunk 2077, Kaori from Your Lie in April, Futaba Sakura from Persona 5, Blaze the Cat/Omochao from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: 2020, Jane Foster from Avengers Assemble, among many others.

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