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Dexter Kelsey has been named by local reports as the alleged shooter at YES Prep Southwest in Houston on Friday morning. The Houston Police Department responded to calls from active shooters at YES Prep Southwest Secondary in Houston, Texas, on Friday at 11:45 a.m. local time. Kesley, 25, was allegedly armed with a rifle and made his way through the school’s closed windows.

Once the attacker entered the school building, he allegedly shot and grazed the school principal Eric Espinoza on the back, KTRK reported. The principal was transported in serious condition to the Medical Center in downtown Houston for surgery. School officials said Espinosa is expected to survive.

Kelsey reportedly surrendered to the police officers who responded, according to KHOU. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner appeared at the school’s crime scene and was relieved that he said the shooting “could have been a lot worse.” “When I was going out, I saw blood and glass breaking everywhere,” a seventh-grader told KTRK.

“My teachers told me to stay in the classroom where no one can see you and the officers came and said ‘Raise your hands. Go outside.’ The excited police officer explained the tragedy of the incident despite the lucky ending in which no student suffered. injury or death. “I don’t think any child or anyone should witness this, but it is the world we live in,” he said.

Dexter Kelsey Age

Dexter Kelsey is 25 years old.

Dexter Kelsey Killed school Principal – Suspect

A suspect believed to be involved in a shooting at a Houston school on Friday, October 1, has been identified by local reports. Dexter Kelsey allegedly entered the YES Prep Southwest Secondary campus while he was carrying a rifle and shot the principal in the back. Reports say he is now in police custody after Houston police arrived at the scene around 11:45 a.m. local time.

The alleged attack by the 25-year-old only wounded the school’s principal, Eric Espinoza, after he fought his way through the closed glass door of the institution. After the shooting, Espinoza was rushed to the Medical Center in downtown Houston for surgery. Although his condition was dire, it is likely that he will survive. It has been said that the police did not have to fight much when Kelsey, a former student of the school, surrendered. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said he was happy to learn that no children were injured during the incident as “it could have been a lot worse,” before adding: “I don’t think any child or anyone should witness this. But it’s the world we live in

A seventh grader whose identity has not been released said: “When I was going out, I saw blood and glass breaking everywhere. My teachers told me to stay in the classroom where no one can see you and the officers came and said ‘Put your hands up. Go outside.’

The Houston Police Department released a statement that read: “There is a suspect in custody. Officers are searching the school for other possible suspects at this time. The scene is still active. “YES Prep Southwest High School also released a statement that read,” ATTENTION FAMILIES: Police are on campus with a suspect in custody who opened fire inside the school. No students have been injured. students have been transported to W. Fuqua and Hiram Clarke, where they can be picked up. Please do not drive to school; the roads are blocked by the Houston Police Department. We are collecting information and will relay it as soon as we can. ”

In a press release, the school added: “We cannot imagine the terror he must have felt as the events unfolded. The shocking incident [on Friday] is one that no student, parent, or educator should have to go through or deal with on their own. We have counselors ready to help anyone who needs support over the weekend, next week, and throughout the school year. ”

Meanwhile, the suspect’s mother, Doris Kelsey, has refused to believe that her son was allegedly involved in the shooting. She said, “Dexter, he’s on the quiet side. And even at school, he didn’t do it at school, he didn’t get in trouble at school or anything. Even at school. He was the quiet guy. I called him my Good boy “.

However, Doris later apologized for the incident saying, “I apologize to the school community because I did not know that Dexter was in this state of mind that he was in. I didn’t know that he had the problems he was going through. and I apologize to everyone and hope you accept my apology. ”

Her father Tony added: “I can’t see all these years, you still have that kind of hatred in your heart and then all of a sudden you just explode. I can not believe that “.

Twitter was also filled with responses from people to the incident. One user tweeted: “You just shot a staff member and turned yourself into the authorities? I wonder if it was an attack directed against a staff member who worked there when he attended. “The second wrote:” This is terrible. When will we stop seeing this? I hope the teacher who was shot will soon improve as a critic and become fully recover. ”

“Wait, I’m confused, like everyone in Texas has a gun and the only way to stop a bad boy with a gun is to have a good boy shoot them. The school should be sued for not being properly armed. (All said with a strong dose of sarcasm and disdain) ”, added the third user.

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