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Daniel Vargas was seen dancing on top of an ambulance during the Astroworld Fest on November 5, which turned into chaos and left 8 dead, has been identified as Daniel Vargas after he posted a series of messages on multiple social media platforms leaving clearly he had no regrets for what he had done.

Vargas, who was held partially responsible for causing a delay in rescue services during the “mass casualties” incident at Astroworld Fest, went through the Twitter and Instagram identifier “itzlune_” before deactivating his accounts after a violent reaction. In the video posted by journalist Chaudhary Parvez, Vargas could be seen jumping on top of the paramedic truck while trying to transport unconscious assistants to safety.

Daniel Vargas Age

Daniel Vargas‘s age is unknown.

Daniel Vargas Danced on ambulance calls victims ‘baby butt soft

After his antics, he took his Instagram stories and made a post in which he emphasized his unrepentant demeanor, referring to the crowd at the concert as “soft and smooth people.” “Uh oh guys. Cancel the culture again, ”Vargas wrote followed by a laughing emoji. “This is how I know the crowd was full of soft-bottomed people. We get really mad, sorry guys, you want to have a sad day because of that. With that, it’s tragic what happened, but don’t blame me, I just came to have fun and did it, repost this if I hurt your feelings too. “In another post, he said:” I said what I said, screw those people In one of his Instagram stories, he shared his full name and address, asking critics to take action against him if they dare. Screenshots of his posts have since gone viral on the internet.

Later, he also defended himself on Twitter in a post, writing: “Security. But unfortunately, inexperienced staff pushed him into a barricade. No one was injured. No person near or in that cart was injured. If he was blocking that of the cart. from security, I think I would have been tackled (sic) from that cart, right? We were standing in it until the end of the show, so … ”

As video and screenshots of his Instagram tweets and posts continue to circulate on social media, people are demanding that the Houston police arrest him and hold him accountable for the deaths of those who died during the Astroworld tragedy. . In the viral video, Daniel Vargas can be seen along with another man dancing on top of a rescue vehicle as he struggles to reach the scene of the incident.

Vargas has a criminal record, old records suggest. He was previously arrested on March 26 and charged with third degree robbery, second degree burglary and second degree larceny. He is on bail of $ 50,000. According to his currently disabled Instagram page, Vargas is from the Bronx, New York, and is associated with an auto repair company, the link to which is provided on his IG page.

While sharing the screenshot of the video, one person tweeted: “Houston people! Who are these men? They must be responsible for hindering and dancing on top of an emergency vehicle that was on its way to help dying and injured #ASTROWORLD concert goers! #ASTROWORLDFest @houstonpolice. “A Twitter user shared the screenshot of Daniel’s Instagram post and wrote:” The guy literally doesn’t care that what he did was wrong. ”

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