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Bailey Boswell, a woman who lured a cashier into her home and then strangled her and cut her into 14 pieces, escaped the death penalty as she was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Boswell avoided being the first woman in Nebraska to be sentenced to death following her conviction along with Aubrey Trail for the 2017 murder of Sydney Loofe in Lincoln, the state capital.

A three-judge panel had the option of sending Boswell to death row but chose not to, and Douglas County Judge Peter Bataillon said state prosecutors failed to prove the aggravating circumstance of exceptional depravity in the murder, KETV7 reported. Justices Vicky Johnson and Darla Ideus thought the state had proven the aggravating circumstance, but unanimity among the justices is required for the death penalty to be handed down. The sentence was announced Monday in Wilber, Nebraska.

Bailey Boswell Age

Bailey Boswell is 27 years old.

Bailey Boswell Helped boyfriend hack victim into 14 pieces

Bailey Boswell, 27, would have been the first Nebraska woman to receive the death penalty were it not for one of the judges on a three-person panel in the Wilber County courthouse, who ruled that prosecutors were unable to prove that the case deserved the maximum. punishment. Boswell, whose boyfriend Aubrey Trail, 54, received the death sentence earlier this year, will now spend the rest of his life at the Nebraska Correctional Center for Women for his role in the death and dismemberment of Sydney Loofe, 24 years old, in 2017.

Loofe, who was a cashier at a Menards store in Lincoln, was strangled with an extension cord and cut into 14 pieces before being dumped along rural roads in rural Clay County. “The murder was coldly calculated, Boswell enjoyed the murder, there was an unnecessary mutilation of the body. The murder made no sense and Sidney Loofe was a helpless victim,” Judge Vicky Johnson said as she read the verdict. “[She] was needlessly mutilated by Trail and Boswell as part of the plan to satisfy her sexual desire. The mutilation was not done as an afterthought to conceal the body.”

Her boyfriend Trail was sentenced to death in June for fatally strangling Loofe before the couple dismembered her body. The date of her execution has not yet been established. Three women testified in 2019 how she lured victims to her sex cult through the dating app Tinder and later convinced them that he was a vampire who could fly and read her minds. Prosecutors argued in June and July that Boswell should be sentenced to death because the murder of Ms. Loofe was “especially depraved and heinous.”

Judge Johnson said the murder was “coldly planned,” which helped the case that the death penalty was justified. “Boswell coldly and deliberately chose Sydney Loofe,” she said. He cited the large number of cuts made on Ms. Loofe’s body. “They are not there as the cause of the murder. These cuts show an exceptionally depraved mind, ”Judge Johnson noted. Ms. Loofe’s remains were found in 14 pieces in a farm field in Nebraska nearly three weeks after her disappearance in November 2017. No parts of her body were ever found, including her heart and other organs.

“Ms. Loofe was needlessly mutilated by Trail and Boswell as part of the plan to satisfy her sexual desire. The mutilation was not done as an afterthought to conceal the body, ”added Judge Johnson. Judge Batallion disagreed.

“After receiving and reviewing the evidence from the state and the accused as the only aggravating circumstance, the state alleges, that the murder manifested exceptional depravity by ordinary standards of morality and intelligence, I could not find beyond a reasonable doubt that the state of Nebraska met its burden of proof regarding this aggravating circumstance, ”said Judge Batallion.

“Nothing in this dissent should be understood to undermine the sentences for the murder of Sidney Loofe and the great pain this has caused his family and friends,” he added. “However, because I could not find that the state had met its burden of proof regarding the aggravating circumstances. I hereby disagree with the other two judges on this panel. ”

Prosecutors said Boswell, 27, and Aubrey Trail, 55, linked up with Ms. Loofe on an online dating site, with evidence suggesting they performed a sexual fantasy during the murder. In October of last year, Boswell was convicted of first-degree murder, illegal disposal of human remains, and criminal conspiracy. The trial was previously sentenced to death for first-degree murder, in addition to convictions for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and unlawful disposition of a body.

The couple was recorded buying saws and other tools, as well as bleach, toasters, and garbage bags after Ms. Loofe disappeared. Defense attorneys argued that Boswell was dragged down Trail and should not bear the same responsibility. During the hearing, Boswell said that he mourned the death of Ms. Loofe. Ms. Loofe, 24, was last seen leaving her job as an employee in Lincoln, Nebraska in November 2017. Before disappearing, she had told a friend that she was meeting a friend named Aubrey from Tinder, KETV7 reported.

Boswell moved in with Trail into a Wilber apartment in August 2017. They discussed possible killings both before and after Ms. Loofe’s death. They were arrested in Branson, Missouri, two weeks after her death.

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