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Daughter of Sylvia Telles, voice of bossa nova, artist from Rio de Janeiro leaves remarkable recordings such as those of the songs ‘Fim de tarde’ and ‘I need to forget you’.

Claudia Telles Age

She was 66 years old.


The talent of the singer was polished at home. She was the daughter of Sylvia Telles, one of the great voices of bossa nova. Claudia’s father, Candinho was a composer.

In his social networks, Bruno Telles, son of the singer, confirmed the death and thanked the fans for the affection, prayers and cheering during the hospitalization and death of his mother.


If she were still alive, Sylvinha – as she was affectionately called in the musical world – would not be surprised by the resounding national success achieved by her daughter on her first album, a single (or simple compact, to use the phonographic jargon of the time) edited that year 1976 with Late Afternoon , sad romantic song seasoned with a touch of the soul of Philadelphia.

A voice that helped spread the modernity of bossa nova, while taking care of the daughter he had with the composer and guitarist José Cândido de Mello Mattos Sobrinho, Candinho, Sylvia had identified the girl’s early tuning and musicality early on.

Professional singer since 1972, the year she began her career by singing on albums by singers like Roberto Carlos and José Augusto, Claudia Telles lived the best moment of her career at CBS, a label on which she released three albums between 1977 and 1979. The first was successful with I need to forget you (1977), another romantic song by the same composers of Fim de tarde , Mauro Motta and Robson Jorge (1954 – 1992).

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Aired on the soundtrack of the soap opera Locomotivas (TV Globo), shown with phenomenal success in that year of 1977, the ballad I must forget you consolidated the success of Claudia Telles’ early career.

Following, also from the singer’s first album, the radio stations played Learn to Love (Walter d’Ávila Filho and Claudia Telles, 1977), a song made with inspiration in the songbook of the American composer Burt Bacharach.

Another recording on the same disc – the Dindi (Antonio Carlos Jobim and Aloísio de Oliveira, 1959), the memory standard of bossa released in the voice of Sylvia Telles mother – has had less commercial effect, but would point the way followed in the future by Claudia from 1990s.

Death Cause

When she died at the age of 62 at around 11 pm on Friday, 21, victim of multiple organ failure, in a hospital in the Rio de Janeiro neighborhood of Acari, where she had been admitted after suffering cardiac arrest, Claudia Telles de Mello Mattos (August 26, 1957 – February 21, 2020) left the scene having fulfilled his mother’s prophecy. Especially in the second half of the 1970s, the decade of the artistic and commercial peak of the carioca singer.


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