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Ana Braga Wiki – Biography

Ana Braga, disappeared from her home in Los Angeles last month — but a 2015 white Honda Accord registered to her was found abandoned in a casino parking lot in Oklahoma City, local outlets in California and Oklahoma reported.

Ana Braga Age

She is 24 years old.


Braga’s mother Delma Felix told KTLA-TV that she last heard from her daughter by phone on Jan. 29. Braga moved to Los Angeles from her native Brazil a year ago to pursue a career in modeling.

‘I want them to find her body and I want them to bring her body back to Brazil,’ Felix told KTLA-TV. Felix said that she would speak with her daughter every day. Suddenly, after their January 29 conversation, she stopped calling.

‘I want to find my daughter because I want to do her funeral and I’m not in the condition to do all that.’ The mother said: ‘I feel like trash, I feel like I’m nobody. She was the only one who helped me with everything.’

Timothy O’Brien, a friend of Braga, told KTLA-TV: ‘I just try to go back and kinda think who could have done this.’ Braga worked part-time as an Uber driver. She also earned money by working for a food delivery service, according to friends.

Before moving to Orange County and Los Angeles, Braga lived near Boston.

Missing and Searching

A Brazilian model who vanished from her Los Angeles home last month is presumed dead after California investigators found a video believed to be of her bloodied body.

Authorities said that a car registered in her name was found abandoned 1,000 miles away in Oklahoma.

A 2015 white Honda Accord registered to Ana Braga was recovered by authorities on February 12 after it stood vacant and abandoned for weeks in the parking lot of Remington Park casino and racetrack in Oklahoma City.

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Braga was last heard from on January 29, when she spoke by telephone with her mother, Delma Felix, in Brazil, according to KTLA-TV.

Police in California say they have surveillance footage showing the bloody body of a woman lying face down with a belt and electric cord wrapped around her neck.

The woman’s body has yet to be recovered.

A search warrant revealed that investigators went inside the vehicle and found an ID belonging to a woman named ‘Ana’, according to KFOR-TV.

Investigation Report

Braga’s mother is hoping her body can be returned to her home in Minas Gerais, Brazilian outlet R7 reported.

Cops in Oklahoma have surveillance footage that shows her car being ditched on Feb. 1 — by two people who then flee in a green minivan, reports said.

Los Angeles police reportedly have surveillance footage they believe shows Braga’s bloody body face down with a belt and electric cord wrapped around her neck. Her body has not been recovered.


The aspiring model has nearly 17,000 followers on Instagram.


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