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Chandler Halderson is a Wisconsin man whose parents mysteriously disappeared and who is accused of providing false information to authorities about their disappearance.

The missing couple is Bart and Krista Halderson. Chandler is a recent computer technology technical college graduate who worked as a lifeguard and teaching assistant, according to his LinkedIn page. He wrote on the page that he is an Eagle Scout.

Human remains have now been found and authorities are working to identify them. Chandler M. Halderson, 23, “is currently being held in the Dane County Jail on the charge of providing false information in a missing person investigation. Chandler is the son of Bart and Krista, ”the Dane County Sheriff’s Department wrote in a statement on Facebook.

“Members of the Dane County Sheriff’s Office first want to extend our thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of Bart and Krista Halderson. This has been a difficult and emotional time and the Dane County Sheriff’s Office is doing everything possible to close and do justice to this investigation, ”the department noted. Bart Halderson was a certified public accountant and tax manager in Madison, according to his LinkedIn page.

Chandler Halderson Age

Chandler Halderson is 23 years old.

Halderson, who told the media “We will find them”,

It was Halderson who reported the disappearance of his parents. “We will find them,” Chandler Halderson told WKOW-TV of his parents. “It’s better not to listen to negative theories,” he says, adding that his mother texted him to tell him that the couple made it to their cabin safely but then disappeared.

He added: “Maybe they’re in a casino, their phones off, no reception. Maybe they’re on a boat, having fun with their friends.”

“Our investigation began on Wednesday, July 7, when Chandler reported that his parents had disappeared at approximately 11:30 am that day. According to Chandler, his parents had left their home in the Village of Windsor early Friday morning with an unknown couple to spend the July 4 holiday weekend at their cabin in White Lake, WI, but did not return as expected. ” wrote the Sheriff’s Department.

“Our investigators immediately began efforts to locate the Haldersons, including contacting the Langlade County Sheriff’s Office to verify the property in White Lake, but no one was found at that residence.”

The initial statement from the authorities of the missing person read:

The Dane County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for help locating a missing couple from the Village of Windsor. Earlier today, a family member reported that Bart and Krista Halderson were last seen on Thursday, July 1, 2021, at their home. They planned a trip to Langlade County, Wisconsin this weekend and the family has not been able to confirm if they made it safely. There is no vehicle associated with the couple. Bart is 50 years old and Krista 53 years old. If anyone has information on the couple, contact the Dane County Communications Center at 608.255.2345 or the Dane County Sheriff’s Office Information Line at 608.284.6900.

Authorities found human remains

There was a tragic ending.

“As the investigation progressed and detectives interviewed friends, family and neighbors of the missing couple, information was provided that resulted in detectives finding human remains on a rural property in Dane County on Thursday, July 8.” the researchers wrote.

“A search warrant was obtained for the property and agents continue to search that land for additional evidence.”

They added: “The Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office also responded to that scene Thursday night and will conduct an autopsy on the remains sometime this weekend. It is important to mention that the remains have not yet been identified. This is still a very active investigation. ”

On Facebook, Bart Halderson wrote that he graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduated from Valders High School, and lived in DeForest, Wisconsin. His most recent post was from 2012 and was a graphic about a car show. No obvious social media pages could be found for Chandler and Krista.

The couple lived in a middle-class home valued at about $ 370,000.

A written account, “Nothing makes sense”

A relative, Blake Halderson, wrote in the Sheriff’s Department comment thread: “Thank you all for your prayers and any help you can provide in finding them. So hard waiting for updates and not being able to do anything to help. I also appreciate all the work law enforcement is doing to find Bart and Krista. We have always been great supporters of the police, but we never thought we would be in a situation like this and need their help so badly. Thank you all.”

He added: “All I can say is that nothing makes sense and we are waiting for news. I am sure the police are doing their best to locate them, but I appreciate all your comments and prayers. ”

One woman wrote under the comment: “I was her vet in Plymouth for many years. I love you, so kind, caring, and gentle. Hoping beyond hope that they will be found safe and sound. ”

Neither of the Haldersons has a Wisconsin criminal record.

Halderson gave an interview to a local television station

Before his arrest, Halderson gave an interview to Fox 47’s Adam Duxte. He said: “My last message I got from them, they were going to White Lake for the 4th of July, there are some holidays going around, better drink prices in the bars, things like that. White Lake, Wisconsin. His plan, that I know of, they were going to Langlade County to a cabin, his cabin. Along the way, they could have stopped in many places, but I would not know all of them. But it’s about 3 hours north of Madison or Dane County. ”

He added: “They brought, or were picked up by, their friends, whose names I never knew. I assumed it was someone he was aware of, like his close neighbors on the street or his best friends on the east side, so that’s what I assumed, I never asked more about that. So they picked them up and they all went up there, like one more couple. ”

Read the full interview here.

Halderson wrote that he had experience installing solar panels and “life preservers”

On LinkedIn, Halderson wrote that he was a student at Madison Area Technical College. In 2021, he wrote that he received an associate’s degree in “Computer / Information Technology Management and Administration.”

He wrote: “Most of my experience consists of lifeguards and technology, but it doesn’t stop there. I have a great knowledge of solar panels and the installation process that goes with them. I also have teaching and leadership experience when I was a teacher’s aide for an installation course at a local university. ”

In 2020, he worked as a teaching assistant for two months at MATC, wrote: “I created an online class for students to work on assignments and tests, as well as assisted the instructor with teaching and maintained office hours for questions.”

From 2014 to 2017, he worked as a swim instructor at the YMCA in Sheboygan and Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, noting, “I have taught swimming at the YMCA and also been a lifeguard for 3 years.”

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