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Aaleya Carter was found dead Saturday afternoon hours after being sucked down the sewer system as she and her family tried to escape the flood at 1:30 a.m. on Interstate 70 near the St. Louis airport.

The rest of the group – Carter’s mother, brother and sister – survived the heartbreaking incident, which occurred as they tried to change direction to avoid massive flooding, according to police and the girl’s family.

“Instead of being able to get out of the driver’s side, they had to get out of the passenger side. I guess they didn’t know they were at the top of the drainage ditch, and when she came out, she slipped into the drain, “Grandma Tanya Carter told KSDK.

Aaleya Carter Age

Aaleya Carter was 12 years old.

Aaleya Carter dies as she’s swept into a storm drain

A 12-year-old girl who was returning home from the movies with her family died in St. Louis early Saturday morning when her car was caught in the powerful floodwaters. Aaleya Carter was traveling with her family around 1.30 a.m. near St. Louis International Airport when her car was swept onto a concrete storm drain.

Stuck just south of the airport, Carter’s mother, brother and sister were able to escape the vehicle safely, according to authorities, but she was swept away by currents and her body was found hours later in a nearby stream, less than one mile north. From the airport. She had just celebrated her 12th birthday on Wednesday.

“ He went out this morning with his mother, brother, and sister enjoying their birthday, ” Carter’s grandmother Tanya Carter told Fox 2. where it was difficult for them to get out, and she didn’t know there was a drain. under the drain, and got under the drain. ‘

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Highway authorities said the water may have reached up to two feet deep and that other car on the road had also tried to navigate the waters but stalled.

“The water, witnesses told me, rose up to two (feet) above the interstate,” said Missouri State Highway Patrol Cpl. Juston Wheetley told the station. “Some vehicles were traveling and trying to navigate the water was disabled on the interstate.”

This vehicle attempted to get into the water and attempted to make a U-turn and return on the Airflight road to avoid the flooded road. When they turned in the water, the current swept the vehicle off the road and into that concrete drainage opening. ”

Her disappearance sparked a desperate search, with her mother, Bre Carter, asking for help on Facebook mid-morning Saturday.

‘LORD JESUS ​​HELP ME FIND MY ABY PLZ !!!!!!!!’ she wrote.

A false report that she was found alive led searchers to an airport terminal to find her, Fox 2 reported, but around noon, families and authorities had found Carter’s body in Coldwater Creek, a tributary of the river. Missouri north of the city. airport.

After her discovery, her mother shared her distress on her Facebook, writing, ‘Baby, I’m so sorry, I’ll drop everything to have you back.’ A candlelight vigil was held for Carter on Saturday night, according to photos and videos posted on social media.

Wheetley said the tragedy was rare. This was a fluke. This is not something we’ve seen before, ‘he told Fox 2. I know trying to navigate the floods is extremely dangerous. So we want to encourage people as more rain comes, those roads will flood in areas. So stay in your vehicle as much as possible. ‘


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