Who is Carlos Hallowell? Where Is Denise Hallowell’s Adopted Son Now?

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On July 13, 2019, authorities received a Call 911 by Carlos Hallowell, who reported that he had found his mother, Denise Hallowell, dead in their home. He had been napping and the dogs woke him up by barking, he said, according to Fox13. Investigators found that Denise Hallowell, a 57-year-old teacher, had been killed by an ax blow to the back of the neck.

After a nine-week investigation, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office arrested Carlos Hallowell and charged him with first degree first degree murder. The sheriff said in a Press release“CCSO Major Crimes detectives worked quickly to solve this shocking case. Here we had a mother, who was brutally murdered in her room during the night by her son. All the forensic evidence and interviews pointed to the only other person inside Denise’s home that night, her own son. ”

At the time of his death, Hallowell was teaching at Liberty Middle School in Marion County. Hallowell took a full-size ax to the back of his mother’s head, the court heard. Citrus County Chronicle. When Carlos Hallowell was arrested, authorities said he showed no remorse.

Hallowell was convicted of murder this year and was recently sentenced to life in prison.

On July 9, 2021, Hallowell was convicted of the premeditated murder of his adoptive mother and on September 14, 2021, he was sentenced to life in prison for the crime by Judge Richard Howard, according to a Press release. The judge announced that he believed Hallowell, now 19, is an “incorrigible criminal” who cannot be rehabilitated and will therefore remain in prison for the rest of his life, the Chronicle reported from the sentencing hearing.

After he was convicted, the available sentence range was 40 years to life in prison. Hallowell told the judge, “Your Honor, all I ask is justice for my mother and mercy for me.” Since Hallowell was 17 at the time of the murder, he was not eligible for the death penalty.

Hallowell’s name has yet to appear in the inmate population search through the Florida Department of Corrections, so it is possible that he has not yet been transferred from jail to the state prison system.

At his sentencing, Carlos Hallowell apologized to his mother and his lawyers said they would appeal the sentence

Carlos Hallowell spoke at his sentencing hearing and told the court that he would like to apologize to his mother. “Even though she’s not with us, I know she’s listening,” he said, according to the Citrus County Chronicle. “Mom, I’m so sorry. Words cannot describe how I feel right now, how much I miss you, how sorry I am for what I have done and everything I have done throughout my life with you … I love you so much. ”

According to the Chronicle, psychologists testified at their trial that Hallowell has an antisocial personality disorder and meets 16 of the 20 criteria for psychopathy. He will be able to get a review of the sentence after 25 years behind bars, the outlet reported. Hallowell’s attorney, Assistant Public Defender Ed Spaight, expressed Hallowell’s desire to appeal the sentence. There is no update at this time on the appeal.

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