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Alison Poggi started trending after she tweeted that she lost her mother recently and said, ‘Today is very difficult for me. A mother of three “independent, confident, free-thinking daughters” began trending on Twitter on Thursday, August 12, after she expressed her grief in a tweet. Alison Poggi had recently lost her mother and shared that she could not cope with the pain. However, she did not reveal the cause of her mother’s death.

On the social media platform, Poggi tweeted: “I don’t have many followers and I agree with that. My mother died 6 weeks ago and I miss her and today is very difficult for me. If you see this, just say hello. I need it today. “. She soon, she began receiving messages of solidarity from other Twitter users who shared their own stories of pain and pain, and how they had coped.

One user commented, “Hi Alison! I am Imogene and I am a wildlife biologist. I am so sorry that you are having a difficult day. My dad died last July and I learned that grief is a lonely, non-linear journey. There are no words to really help, but you are not completely alone. Hope you find some laughter tomorrow. ”

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Alison Poggi’s age is unknown.

Alison Poggi tweet mourning mom’s death goes viral

The second user wrote: “This. I also learned this from the loss of my father. I hope that peace, joy, and purpose find you in the midst of your pain, Alison … and I hope today has turned out better than you bargained for! “A tweet said:” My mother died 2 months ago. In my culture you become a kind of monk for a day. The few days going through movements I had time to reflect. I just wanted to tell you that we see you. What helps me: to live every day being the best human being that I can be, the way my mother would want. ”

Another tweet noted: “I am so sorry for the loss of her. I lost my mom and my husband a year apart. I remember very well what the six-week mark is like. I hope you have the support of family and friends because it is very easy to isolate yourself when you are in pain. I know because I did. “One user, while sharing a seemingly philosophical note about death, added:” I’m so sorry. My mom passed away last October. Someone sent me this. I hope it gives you a semblance of comfort. ”

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One person explained to Poggi how they dealt with the loss of her mother by writing: “Hi Alison, my mother passed away just over two years ago and I can’t go a day without thinking about her. Sometimes when I drive home at night, I pretend that she is in the passenger seat next to me and tell her how my day was. Grief is not a linear process. Sending love, ”before adding,“ Also, please pay close attention to your dreams. Your mom may try to visit you (you’ll know when she does) in your dreams.

Cardinals can follow you or appear outside your bedroom window. Nothing is a coincidence. She is still with you every day. “Another said:” We are all characters in a book and it is good that that bookends. The important thing is that the story lives on in those who read it. You are one of the readers of your story. mother and there are many more who have read it and will share it with others ”.


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