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Adam Herrman disappeared as a child from the Kansas home of his adoptive parents back in 1999, although, bizarrely, authorities didn’t realize he was missing for years. Now a man named Stephen Smith is claiming that he’s Adam Herrman, and he’s opened a Twitter account to disseminate those claims. There are those who doubt the man’s claims are legitimate, however.

Doug and Valerie Herrman didn’t report their adoptive son missing for years. Authorities, who eventually got a tip that Adam had vanished years before, are looking into the Twitter account. The boy disappeared when he was 11 years old in Kansas.

According to KFDI-TV, the man on Twitter claims that he “had been trafficked under the name Stephen Smith. He provided a social security number and said he is willing to go through DNA testing to prove his identity.”


Adam Herrman Age

The boy disappeared when he was 11 years old in Kansas.


Adam was born Irvin Sylvester Groeninger, III. Adam disappeared on April 4, 1999 “from his family’s mobile home at Pine Ridge Estates in Towanda, Kan.”

His adoptive parents were raising him with his siblings. The family said he had a history as a runaway, according to KAKE.

Authorities didn’t start looking for him until 2008, when they received a tip.In 2018, Valerie Herrman spoke to KWCH-TV and claimed Adam ran away. “When he said he wasn’t coming back I told him good. I was upset…and we say mean things when we get mad, things you don’t mean,” Valerie, then living in Oklahoma, told the television station. She didn’t tell the police then, she said, because she was scared she would lose her other kids.

His missing person’s poster says that Adam Joseph Herrman was last seen on April 4, 1999 in Towanda, Kansas. At that time, he was age 11. He was 4 foot 2 inches to 4 foot 4 inches tall and weighed 60-70 pounds. He had blonde/sandy brown hair and blue eyes. He had some distinguishing features: Scars. “Numerous scars on abdomen, ¾” scar on inner left thigh, ½” birthmark on back (waistline),” the poster reads.

“He was an average student, but teachers could see the potential for him to do well for himself. Adam’s closest childhood friends remember another side to Adam. They describe him as a young man who was his sister’s protector when she got picked on at school because of her special needs. He would never leave her side until it was time to be in class. Adam liked spending time outdoors with his siblings and going to the lake to camp and fish with his family.”


Details of his disappearance were given as follows: “In April 1999, Adam Herrman disappeared from the Pine Ridge mobile home park in Towanda, KS, where he lived with his adoptive parents. The adoptive parents claim Adam had a history of running away and never reported him missing until a tip in 2008 led to the investigation of his disappearance.”

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Back in 2015, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department wrote on Facebook, “Adam Joseph Herrman – Missing Since 1999. We need to keep the community interested and talking about this case. It’s time to bring this case to a conclusion. The profile is set up to keep people talking about the case. It will be monitored by Butler County Sheriff’s Office Detectives.

It is our hope a visitor to the site could share some pertinent information or provide further leads as well as provide family members with an outlet to talk about and share information about Adam Herrman. Remember, there is a sizable reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Adam’s disappearance.”


Investigation Report

According to KWHC-TV, the Butler County Sheriff’s Department is looking into the Twitter account that “claims to be missing Adam Herrman.”

The Twitter account, using the handle @herrman_adam, reads, “MISSING SINCE 1999. Oppressed but never silent. SILENCE IS A LETHAL WEAPON.” It was created in February 2020.

The office told the television station that it’s investigating the claims by the Twitter page. There’s no verification at this point that it belongs to the real Herrman, however.

The page has made incendiary claims, tweeting, “I have been mutilated …My freckles were removed, my mouth and anus has been cleaned with alcohol and peroxide many times. I have abundant stomach scars and the birthmark is visible sometimes, but now is mostly a red line of scar tissue.”


Another tweet reads, “I would like to advise that I have stated to all officials I want federal protection and we are seeking political asylum at this point. #AdamHerrman #BreakingNews #SilenceIsALethalWeapon #CatholicChurch #FreeAdam #Kansas #MissingSince1999 #NeverReported #NeverFound.”

Smith also wrote, “I am not ‘crazy’ I am dedicated to my freedom and have had to be for 30 years to come forward now. I have been prescribed Adderall for over 4 years by Dr. Michelle Louis, originally diagnosed by Michael A. Baker of Bel-Aire at the time #AdamHerrman #StandWithAdam.”


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