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Zef Eisenberg Wiki – Zef Eisenberg Biography

Zef Eisenberg was the British founder of sports nutrition brand Maximuscle and an ultra-speed motorbike racer. He held numerous land speed records for motorbike racing. His success in land speed racing led him to become a television presenter racer for the TV series Speed Freaks, a six-episode production on ITV4, produced by Keshet.

Eisenberg also appeared on several other TV shows, most notably The Motorbike Show with Henry Cole and Zef’s famous Madmax Turbine bike. Eisenberg was best known for his motorbike exploits and was a self-proclaimed ‘Speed Freak’ and no stranger to speed; he currently holds over 50 British and world land speed records, including a prestigious Guinness World Record.

His records include the world’s fastest turbine bike (234mph), the UK’s fastest (no-fairing) ‘naked’ bike (225.6mph), the world’s fastest motorbike racer on sand at 201.5mph to Britain’s fastest-ever motorcycle crash at over 230mph. Fastest ever wheel powered vehicle in a 1,500hp Porsche at Pendine sands at 210.33mph, and fastest electric motorbike in the world (unfaired) with a 197mph GPS peak speed. He was killed on 1 October 2020 while attempting a British land speed record at RAF Elvington, Yorkshire.

Born in Merton in London, Eisenberg left school at 15 after his GCSEs to take a job in a health shop. A competitive bodybuilder at the time, Eisenberg said he took the job to get discounts on nutritional supplements.

While working at the store, Eisenberg wrote a monthly newsletter on the science of nutrition and, in 1993, self-published a book on the same topic. Eisenberg used the profits from the book to start supplying protein supplements to other bodybuilders.

Eisenberg was a fully qualified senior gym instructor, specializing in nutrition and conducted two years of endocrinological research at the British Medical Research Centre and Pharmaceutical Association. providing the knowledge and passion to form Maximuscle.

He went to design and technology college in Barnet, London, after doing his GCSEs. During his GCSEs, he was sponsored by Digital for a new XY axis robot, when just 15 years of age for one of his Technology GCSE projects. He further featured in the Sunday Times for his rear wheel engine powered cycle. Even though Eisenberg confessed to being self-taught in the world of engineering, welding, tuning, and engines, he trained and achieved his certification at H&S Rolls Royce Portsmouth for the C250 series turbines, as used in his world-record-setting land speed motorbike.

Zef Eisenberg Age

Zef Eisenberg was 47 years old. He was born in March 1973, in London Borough of Merton, United Kingdom.

Family and Awards

Zef Eisenberg lived in Saint Peter Port, Guernsey, where he became a full-time resident in 2005. having been a regular visitor since 7 years of age (1980) with his father. He project-managed and raised funds to build both the largest concrete skatepark in Guernsey and the largest adventure playground at Saumarez Park, Castel.

In 2019, Eisenberg was awarded the ‘Parish champion of the year’ in the ‘Pride of Guernsey’ 2019 awards for their amazing 5yr project to deliver the Saumarez Park playground Project.

In 2017 and 2018, Eisenberg was nominated for the shortlist for Pride of Guernsey ‘Overcoming Adversity’ award.

In 2015, Eisenberg came second in the ITV Ambassador of the year for Guernsey.

In 2002, Eisenberg was awarded the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Cause of Death

A millionaire fitness firm founder was killed attempting a British land speed record.

Zef Eisenberg, who launched Maximuscle, died at Elvington Airfield, near York, wherein 2006 ex-Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond crashed. Motorsport UK said the 47-year-old’s car “went out of control at high speed at the end of a run” on Thursday.

Guernsey-based Mr Eisenberg was involved in a “near-death” 230mph crash at the same airfield in 2016. Motorsport UK said Mr Eisenberg was attempting to break the British land speed record in a Porsche 911 Turbo S when he was killed at about 16:30 BST.

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The organization paid tribute to the “much-loved member of the motorsport community” and confirmed a full investigation into the crash had begun.

North Yorkshire Police said: “The incident occurred during a British Land Speed record attempt and the driver, 47-year-old Zef Eisenberg tragically died at the scene. Officers attended with the ambulance service and an investigation is ongoing.”

Motorsport UK also said an investigation into the circumstances has begun.




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