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Yvonne Wu is a New York Police officer charged with murdering his ex-girlfriend’s new lover and shooting his ex. Wu was off duty at the time. According to the New York Post, Wu, 31, and his ex, Jenny Li, 23. had recently broken up. Wu is accused of murdering Li’s new lover, Jamie Liang, from Manhattan. According to The New York TimesWu admitted to shooting Liang at his girlfriend’s apartment in Brooklyn. He also shot Li, who survived the attack.

“She was possessive. Jenny Li couldn’t take it anymore, ”said a 21-year-old friend. told the New York Daily News. “This cop is a psychopath. He was stalking his ex for a month. ” Li called 911 but the dispatcher heard someone say, “That’s what you get,” reported the Daily News.

Wu may have broken up because he hoped to be with Li again, according to reports

The New York Post stated, via an anonymous source, that Wu may have murdered Li’s new lover because Wu was “holding on to the hope that they would get back together.” The Post reported that Wu still spent the night at Li’s home and “may have lost control when he saw her there with another woman.”

“She still stayed there from time to time. He still stayed there a few nights. It’s not that strange, maybe he thought it might still work, ”the source told The Post. Liang, the deceased victim, lived on Staten Island. “She is so nice,” Liang’s uncle told the New York Daily News. “She doesn’t bother anyone you know?”

Wu, who was an officer for more than five years, ‘confessed’, say police

Officials revealed at a press conference that Wu had worked for the Brooklyn District of the NYPD for more than five years. At the press conferenceDeputy Principal Michael Kemper described Wu as “calm, collected and very talkative” in her confession. He claimed that the death was a homicide.

“We think it’s domestic in nature,” Kemper said. “In short, he confessed,” Kemper said. “That is all what I am going to say”. De Li and Wu said: “We believe they had an intimate relationship.” “The whole incident is horrible, but these cops performed very well, just heroically, and this is what NYPD cops find every day,” Kemper said. “Is this an incident that you would like to find? No. But unfortunately throughout their careers they ran into this?”

 Police believe Wu was waiting inside the apartment when the two women arrived home.

Kemper gave some details of the crime, which occurred in Bensonhurst. He said Wu is believed to have waited for Liang and Li to return to the apartment and then shot them in the late afternoon.

Li, who was shot in the torso, was discovered in a bedroom, and Liang, who was shot in the chest, in the living room, Kemper told the news conference. Authorities believe there is a “very good chance” that Wu used the weapon provided by the department, but are still investigating to be sure.

It is believed that Li will recover from his injuries. The New York Daily News reported that Wu kept a key to his ex’s house when they broke up. Friends told the Daily News that Wu was “stalking” Li. In an earlier incident, Wu pointed to a pistol at his waist, according to the Daily News.

Wu had a clean disciplinary record with the NYPD

There were no warning signs that Wu was a threat in his record with the NYPD, according to ABC 7. The station reported that he had no disciplinary record as a police officer. NBC New York reported that he worked the midnight shift and that his performance reviews “exceeded expectations.”

The Daily News reported that Wu “obtained a fine for meritorious police duty and three for excellent police duty”, had a degree from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and is fluent in Cantonese. According to Kemper, Wu was standing outside the home where the murder occurred when officers responded to 911 calls emanating from the residence. CBS Local reported that a cell phone video showed her being searched.

A neighbor saw Wu and Li together ‘all the time’

CBS Local reported that Wu and Li broke up the previous month.

They had a “confrontational” relationship, according to CBS. “I saw them together all the time,” Jeanette Vargas, a neighbor, told the television station. “Like anyone else, you can go home and find your lover or someone with someone else and you stay. So I don’t think it has anything to do with her being a police officer. ”

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