Who is Yusuf Mohamed (Stabbed to Death)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Death Cause, Investigation Report

Yusuf Mohamed Wiki – Bio

Yusuf Mohamed was stabbed to death by the pair for, what the prosecution termed as ‘no obvious reason’. Attacker William Haines and a 17-year-old, who cannot be named due to his age, will be sentenced next month.

Yusuf Mohamed Age

He was 18 years old.

Cause of Death

He had been walking on Uxbridge road with friends when he was targeted ‘for have no obvious reason’,

Yusuf Mohamed had no time to run away, he had no time to do anything to protect himself. Unlike his attackers, he was not carrying a weapon. He stood no chance.
Killer, who reached him first, acted with ‘brutal efficiency’ as he swung his 6.2-inch blade at the victim and stabbed him in his heart.

The prosecutor told jurors: ‘Seeing Yusuf collapse to the floor, and as Yusuf desperately tried to retreat, crawling backwards on his elbows, the 7 years old boy took out his own knife and followed him, stabbing him in the leg as he lay defenceless.

As the two young men ran away, tucking their knives back out of sight, they gave each other a fist bump as if to say, ‘Well done us’
Jurors heard last week that Haines plunged the blade into the 18-year-old Chelsea fan ‘right up to the hilt, as far as it would go’.

Mr Mohamed died within seconds at the scene.

Investigation Report

Members of the jury were indicated ‘upsetting’ CCTV film of the assault on Mr Mohamed outside the Intercontinental Foods shop.

With the assistance of a police hound officials later found a backpack dumped in brambles containing a huge sharp edge with a bended and serrated upper edge alongside a sheath. Another weapon was found by a canine walker.

Haines, of Acton, west London, had acknowledged being the individual in the CCTV film however asserted he was unable to recall the episode in the recording since he had a beverage.

Following the decisions, the litigants were remanded into authority to be condemned on February.

Criminologist Chief Inspector Rob Pack, from Specialist Crime who drove the examination, said the decisions ‘brought equity for Yusuf and his family’.

‘This was a savage and hard assault where a youngster lost his life in merely seconds,’ he said.

‘Right up ’til the present time, the thought process in the killing is indistinct. The two respondents unmistakably felt they could convey and utilize blades without risk of punishment. that they complimented themselves with a clench hand knock and grins having so severely ended a life is unbelievable.’

Following the decisions, the litigants were remanded into care to be condemned on February.


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