Explaining “You Are Not Him” Jidion TikTok Meme & Trend Song

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Recently, the TikTok customers are fanatically concerned about Jidion’s TikTok Meme and Trend on the video recommending, You Are Not Him stands out enough to be noticed on stage.

As we know about ephemeral recordings on moving melodies and images are circulating all over the web on the most favorite application, TikTok. Lately, another video has caught the attention of netizens who chuckle moderately, a significant amount somewhat associated with bowling.

Discussing the viral video on TikTok is all about the online entertainment force to be reckoned with, Jidion, who went bowling. As for YouTube character, his unwavering one is Jidion.

TikTok Jidion is a standout YouTuber who has been dynamic on stage since July 2, 2018 and has proactively gained 4.65 million supporters. His content generally looks like making movies with outsiders and doing charming things.

“You Are Not Him” ​​Jidion TikTok Meme and Trends Ever since the video of Jidion’s melody “You Are Not Him” ​​started moving on TikTok, people on the internet started taking a few images and wanted on the video.

The TikTok viral meme “You Are Not Him” ​​is currently one of the most viewed recordings in the application. The closing is a complete parody of individuals who watched the entire video and uploaded a final scene to TikTok.

As we’ve already mentioned, don’t call him in that frame of mind from Jidion’s video getting the best perspectives on TikTok. He shared the video on his YouTube channel called ‘Went Bowling With A Coconut’ on March 26, 2022.

Seeing the title, we accept that Jidion went bowling with coconut. In the video he goes completely in reverse. He planned to go bowling with coconut; nevertheless, the officials did not allow him to pull it off.

You Are Not Him Jidion’s song and sound TikTok customers are currently using Jidion’s tune “You Are Not Him” ​​to create their content for the stage. They transfer a few recordings using the YouTuber.

Along these lines, the basic thought process of shoppers is to notice the specific video or sound. You can follow Jidion’s channel and watch the entire video, which is extended, down to 10:01 minutes.

In the video, we can see Jidion pointing to the highest point of the buckle regarding the episode with the police. TikTok’s audience appreciates creating images and sabotaging the recording.

@lukesavage.13 HIM @JiDion #it #jidion #basketball #demarcuscousinsthe3rd ♬ original sound – Luke Savage

You Are Not Him Jidion’s Original and Compilations Jidion has previously posted the first tune of “You Are Not Him” ​​Tiktok viral video to his YouTube channel. The video has shared highlights such as “Went Bowling With A Coconut” on March 26 of this year.

Nevertheless, he later went to Armadilla Bowl and after some time found out how to perform. Be that as it may, certain persons started yelling at him because he was the one bowling coconut.

In the most notable part of the video, he was caught arguing with a woman who was given information about the behavior of a bowling alley. During the extreme exchange, Jidion replies, I am him, and the woman points her finger up and leads him to the master, replying that he is not meant to be god.

The collection video created by TikTokers on the sound “You Are Not Him” ​​has been transferred to YouTube which has gained huge perspectives.

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