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Yohan Wiki – Biography

Yohan a singer with K-pop’s TST. His real name was Kim Jeong-hwan. Yohan joined TST in 2017 after his previous group, NOM disbanded. NOM formed in 2015. According to the website KProfiles, Yohan celebrated his 28th birthday on April 16. Yohan was a native of the city of Ulsan, located just under 200 miles southeast of the South Korean capital of Seoul. In addition to singing, Yohan also played the drums and the piano. The profile lists his other favorite K-pop bands as Vixx, BTOB, Infinite, and B.A.P. Away from music, Yohan’s favorite hobby was listed as watching movies.

The group was formed by JSL Company in 2017. Yohan featured in the group alongside Junghoon, Yonghyun, Wooyoung, Ain, K, and Kyeongha. The band had hits including “Love Story,” “Paradise,” “Wake Up,” “She” and “Mind Control.” The band’s name means “TopSecret.” They were initially known as 7Stone. Their most recent album, Count Down, was released in January 2020.

Yohan maintained a YouTube channel with his bandmate, Ain. Ain and Yohan had been in the band NOM together. The pair regularly posted videos showing them doing pranks, blogging, and giving food reviews. Ain enlisted in the Korean military in April 2020 as part of his national service.

Yohan Age

Yohan was 28 years old. He was born on April 16, 1992, in Ulsan, South Korea. He died on June 16, 2020.

Criminal Record

In 2018, TST endured a scandal when former member Kyeongha was sentenced to 18 months prison after being found guilty of a $exual assault that occurred in December 2014. Shortly after his sentencing, the group announced that Kyeongha was no longer a member of TST.

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Cause of Death

He died on June 16, 2020, at the age of 28. Yohan’s cause of death has not been made public.

A statement from the band’s management asked fans to not spread rumors regarding Yohan’s death on social media. The statement announcing Yohan’s death read in full, via Korea Boo:

“We have come to tell everyone very sad and heartbreaking news. TST member Yohan passed away on June 16. The bereaved family is in great sadness. We sincerely ask the media to refrain from spreading rumors and speculation on Yohan’s cause of death.

We would like to send our deepest condolences to Yohan as [he] goes on.”

Yohan’s last activity on Instagram came on May 31. The photo showed him in various locations accompanied by the caption, “I want to travel.” Yohan had nearly 30,000 followers on his Instagram page. One fan paid tribute to Yohan in a tweet reading, “Honestly I don’t know what to say.. I’m still in shock. My heart is aching so much. He was such a wonderful artist and person and I’m gonna miss him so much. I love you forever Yohan. R.I.P.”

Yohan’s wake will be held at Severance Hospital in Sinchon and will be buried in the Yongin Catholic Park Cemetery on June 18. According to the Asia News Network, news of Yohan’s death was first reported in his homeland by cable broadcaster SPOTV.


He stands at a height of 180 cm (5’11″).




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