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Yevheniia Koval – 14-Year-Old Girl Charged With Murdering Elderly Grandmother Found Battered on Floor

A 14-year-old Florida girl was arrested on Friday, a day after she allegedly killed her elderly grandmother. Yevheniia Koval, 79, was found unresponsive and bruised in a Broward County home. Koval’s son said he left his 14-year-old daughter with Koval as he went to visit a friend — only to find her lifeless on the floor when he returned, according to WPEC.

Broward County coroners deemed Koval’s death a homicide. Koval’s granddaughter was taken to the hospital for medical clearance, and she was charged with second-degree murder the following day.

Broward County police said the teen was processed at the Juvenile Assessment Center. It is unclear whether she will be prosecuted as an adult or a juvenile. A motive also remains undisclosed.

Though some local outlets have publicized the 14-year-old’s mugshot, CrimeOnline is holding off on publicly identifying the suspect as there is no indication she is being charged as an adult.

WTVJ reported that a judge ordered Koval’s granddaughter to remain jailed until her next hearing.