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Yandere Freak is a TikTok cosplayer facing a murder charge in Texas. The real name of the social media star is Mary Anne Oliver-Snow and they are also known as “Snow” and “SnowtheSaltQueen”. Oliver-Snow is charged with fatally shooting a friend in Houston while drinking, according to Harris County court records obtained by Heavy.

The victim, Helen Rose Hastings, was shot in the head on January 17, 2021, at Oliver-Snow’s home, according to court records. Oliver-Snow and Hastings had been friends since high school and Hastings was staying with Oliver-Snow, Yandere Freak told police. Hastings died a day after the shooting.

The 23-year-old cosplayer made his Yandere Freak TikTok account, which has more than 1.6 million followers, private on September 28, 2021, after the murder charge they face began to gain attention on social media. Oliver-Snow has not commented on the case and his designated defense attorney, Charles Brodsky, did not immediately return a request for comment from Heavy. The charge against Yandere Freak had not previously been reported in the media and the popular cosplayer had continued to post on TikTok and Instagram in the months following the deadly shooting.

Oliver-Snow has been free on bail since his probable cause arrest on the involuntary manslaughter charge on January 18, 2021. They were indicted by a Harris County grand jury on the second degree involuntary manslaughter charge in April. of 2021 and remained free on bail pending trial. . The second degree manslaughter charge carries a possible prison sentence of 2 to 20 years, in accordance with Texas state law. The indictment accuses Oliver-Snow of “recklessly” causing Hasting’s death by “pointing a gun” at Hastings and “pulling the trigger.”

Oliver-Snow, drunk, pointed a gun at Hastings and pulled the trigger when he said ‘Ooooh, shoot me’, thinking there were no bullets in the gun

According to the criminal complaint filed by Harris County Deputy Margarita Nolan, a homicide investigator with the sheriff’s office, Mary Anne Oliver-Snow, also known as Yandere Freak, Snow, and SnowtheSaltQueen, shot Hastings while they were drinking and watching. television at his home in Houston. on January 17, 2021, around 1:30 am

Hastings was taken to Houston Northwest Hospital, where she later died. Six witnesses were in the home at the time of the shooting, according to the complaint. Oliver-Snow gave investigators a statement and was taken into custody for questioning after the shooting.

Oliver-Snow told police that “they were all drinking” and that they “got quite drunk.” Oliver-Snow said an ex-boyfriend had left the gun at their house, who told them that he had removed all the bullets from the firearm when he moved in. Oliver-Snow said they had played with the gun before as a joke and didn’t know there was a bullet inside. They told investigators that their ex-boyfriend had shown them how to get the one out. magazine so it wouldn’t shoot. According to the criminal complaint:

The defendant stated that they had been passing the gun for hours and had been playing with it. The defendant said that (they weren’t) paying enough attention and that (they) might have been too drunk. The defendant said that the plaintiff approached (them) and was jokingly telling the defendant, ‘Ooooh, shoot me,’ while they were laughing, the defendant said ‘Oh, okay’ and said he shot himself, saying they (were) in state of shock. saying it was supposed to be empty. The defendant said that (they) did not carry it and does not know how it came out. The defendant told (his) friend to call 911 while (they) took the gun away from the plaintiff. The defendant said the 911 operator told them to put the gun back in the case. The defendant believes that everyone in the house touched or held the gun.

The defendant said the gun was mainly in (his) front pocket where he kept it. The defendant sated (them) pulled the trigger and declared that it was (their) fault. The witness asked the defendant why (they) had the gun with (them). The defendant stated that they were watching ‘Gotham’ and said (they were) drunk, laughing, playing games, saying, (they are) a cosplayer, stating that they like the characters and stuff and they told (their) friends that (they) had a gun like Penguin does. The defendant said the gun had never been fired before.

According to the complaint, Yandere Freak told investigators that they usually put the gun back in the case if they are drinking, but they didn’t think about it because it was empty. He was away for about two to three hours before the shooting. They said they assumed the gun was empty and “no longer viewed it as a hazard before it was fired.”

Officers said Oliver-Snow told investigators that they and their friends were in the living room and another friend came up and said, “Oh, shoot me,” and Oliver-Snow pretended to. Then the victim also said, “Oh please,” and Oliver-Snow turned to the right, placed the gun on the left side of Hastings’s head, and pulled the trigger on the Glock pistol. Oliver-Snow said they saw Hastings fall to the ground.

Oliver-Snow told the police yes. he had been drinking vodka and coke since early in the day and was “hammered” and “had smoked some marijuana”.

According to police, Yandere Freak told investigators they did not recall putting the magazine in the gun, but said they were “really, really drunk” and “could have done it.” They said they were pointing the gun at themselves and other friends and that it clicked before it went off.

The other friends who witnessed the shooting and the aftermath told investigators that they also did not believe the gun was loaded and overheard Hastings jokingly ask Oliver-Snow to shoot him. They said Oliver-Snow said it was an accident after the gun was fired. A friend said that his group is “wild, silly and jokes all the time”.

Oliver-Snow, whose next court date is in October 2021, was released on a $ 20,000 bond after his arrest and prosecutors sought to revoke the bond in August 2021, accusing them of violating the conditions of release.

Mary Anne Oliver-Snow was released from custody on January 19, 2021, on a $ 20,000 bond, after they were charged with second-degree murder, according to court records. Oliver-Snow is being electronically monitored by GPS and has a curfew from 8 pm to 7 am seven days a week. Oliver-Snow was required to undergo drug and alcohol tests, not consume alcohol, marijuana or controlled substances unless prescribed by a doctor, and is prohibited from using or possessing firearms, according to court records. They are also ordered to have no contact with members of Hastings’ family, court records show.

According to court records, prosecutors sought to revoke Oliver-Snow’s bond on August 3, 2021, accusing them of violating the conditions of his release from custody. Oliver-Snow was charged in a bail bond violation report of failing to show up for pre-trial services as directed, failing to comply with curfew requirements, and failing to abide by the rules of the electronic monitoring program. . Oliver-Snow was charged with four curfew violations in July 2021, having a depleted GPS battery three times in July 2021, and having more than four hours on GPS without cell service seven times in July 2021. Oliver-Snow appeared in court, but was allowed to remain free on bail until trial.

Oliver-Snow’s next court hearing is scheduled for October 21, 2021, before Judge Chris Morton in the 230th Harris County Criminal District Court, according to online records viewed by Heavy. The hearing is scheduled for an exchange of evidence. No trial date has been set for the case.

Helen Hastings was a freshman at Oberlin College

The victim, Helen Hastings, was a freshman at Oberlin College in Ohio, according to Oberlin Review. The student newspaper wrote: “Among her friends, Hastings was known for her laughter, enthusiasm and compassion. Hastings was interested in helping treat misophonia, a condition that causes people to feel distressed by certain sounds, and she intended to study neuroscience, psychology and art. ”

A friend, Zach Gerson, told the newspaper, “Helen had a really upbeat and energetic personality and a good sense of humor.” Another friend, Noelle Lara, added: “I was grateful to have empathy and enthusiasm from her. To top it off, he made it with the cutest llama socks you can find. Usually, he had a great sense of fashion. Thank you Helen for being a first friend. This will not be the last time we celebrate you. ”

Hastings was from Houston, Texas, according to their Facebook page. He graduated from The Awty International School in Houston before attending Oberlin, he said on Facebook. The Oberlin Review added that he was survived by his parents, Susan and Phillip, and four siblings. The article does not mention a cause of death. Hastings’ family has not publicly commented on the charges against Oliver-Snow.

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