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Yana Fialkovskaya was a weight loss ‘inspiration’ influencer who recently died shortly after undergoing breast surgery. Her mysterious death is now being investigated by the Russian police. Yana Fialkovskaya, 47, was a fitness instructor with at least 70,000 followers on social media. She had claimed that she was “scared” by the surgery in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Yana, the mother of a child, had reportedly been experiencing pain from previous implants. She had reportedly even undergone “corrective” surgery at one of the best clinics. “I was scared to have surgery this time, although this was not her first intervention,” said Anna, her friend who attended Yana’s fitness classes.

Yana Fialkovskaya Age

Yana Fialkovskaya was 47 years old.

Yana Fialkovskaya Cause of Death

Yana underwent breast surgery in 2012 after losing more than 20 pounds. She had lately told his followers that she was experiencing some discomfort after undergoing the surgery. Previously, Yana had also undergone plastic surgery to remove excess skin after losing a large amount of weight. “She put off (corrective surgery) for a long time, even though she had a defect that caused her physical pain,” Anna said. Yana apparently spoke of certain problems with a blood test before the operation. At that time, she had reacted “very harshly and rudely” to her followers who had warned her not to undergo such a procedure.

According to an initial diagnosis, Yana had suffered a blood clot in her lung after the operation. However, the Russian Investigative Committee is checking the cause of her death. The Committee is also examining the role of the doctors who treated her.

“The circumstances of the death of the woman will be established and a comprehensive evaluation of the activities of the doctors will be given,” said a statement. “A forensic medical examination will be assigned and documentation (related to the surgery) will be seized.”

Another friend of the influencer said: “Shortly before her death, for some reason, she looked with great emotion at the old photos of relatives and told her Instagram subscribers about relatives who were gone and cried a lot, a lot. She said that there was nothing more important than family. She also said in her stories that she usually was not a coward, but she was scared before the surgery. ”

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