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Willy Lumaine – Florida Man Shot Dead When Cops Catch Him Climbing Out Window With Roommate’s Dismembered Torso

A Florida man was shot and killed on Sunday when Fort Myers police officers saw him climbing out a window carrying a large knife and “what appeared to be a dismembered body part.”

Police said they were called to the scene at about 11:30 p.m. about a woman and two small children hiding in a carport. When they arrived, the woman told them her husband, identified as Willy Lumaine, “was actively killing their roommate” at an address on Grand Avenue.

The officers went to the address, where they saw an open front door and blood trail. The officers set up a perimeter around the building and begin issuing commands aimed at locating Lumaine and any victims.

While that was going on, Lumaine headed to a back window and smashed it out with a large knife. Officers ordered him to drop the knife as he climbed out the window, carrying the knife and the presumed body part, and ignored the officer’s commands. When he’d gotten completely out  and moved toward the officers, they opened fire, “incapacitating him.”

The officers rendered aid, but he was pronounced dead by emergency medical personnel.

The officers found the roommate’s “mutilated and dismembered body inside and outside of the residence.” There were no other victims.

According to WBBH, the woman  involved  told police that Lumaine had gotten angry the day before the murder and was still angry the next day. Later, he told his wife he was leaving the house because it was too hot.

The woman said she went to sleep and was awakened by the roommate yelling, “Help! He is killing me!” She gathered the children and went to a neighbor’s carport, where she called police.

Police told WBBH Lumaine was carrying the victim’s torso when he climbed out the window, and the roommate’s head was on the ground outside near a garbage can. A landlord told the station the victim was elderly and blind. .

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is conducting the investigation into the officer-involved shooting, and the officers have been placed on paid administrative leave.