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William Dowsing Wiki – Biography

William Dowsing is a Bellevue, Washington police officer, who is in a viral video choking a black woman and kneeling on her back and neck. The video has surfaced on the internet, garnering over 7 million views in 24 hours although the incident happened in 2018. The black woman’s name has not been released, but her daughter, a lady named NeNe Davis, confirmed that it is her mother in the video. She explained in an Instagram post that it happened to her mother a “while ago,” and that they only just received the footage by the man who took the video.

In 2013 Dowsing worked as an officer in Seattle. Per an interview, he gave on Facebook Watch he said since 2018 he has been a Bellevue police officer. He said that he likes working for the Bellevue Police Department primarily because of the resources available to him for improved training methods.,

During his time working for Bellevue PD, he has served as a firearms instructor, a member of the department’s defensive tactics instructor cadre, and a member of the SWAT team.

William Dowsing Age

William Dowsing’s age is unknown.

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Viral Video

The video shows an officer who was identified as William Dowsing tackling a black woman to the ground over a dispute over a title transfer. The officer forces her to the ground, puts her in a chokehold, then kneels on her neck and back, she can be heard asking for her husband and asking to speak with a sheriff, repeatedly.

Police Department Response

The Bellevue police department in response to the resurfacing of this video, released a statement this month, saying that “the particular incident was investigated through the department, use of Force review process and the department’s complaint process,” and that Dowsing’s behavior “was found to be in compliance with department policy.

Chief Steve Mylett of the Bellevue Police Department has said the video was taken out of “context.” In a statement earlier this month, he said that the video was “disturbing,” but that the officer’s actions were determined “reasonable”.



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