Who is Mount Tabor High School shooter? Wiki, Bio, Age, Image, Many More facts you Need to Know


Who is Mount Tabor High School suspect?

At least one student was injured and rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound after a shooting inside a high school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on Wednesday, local officials said. There was a gunshot victim at Mount Tabor High School, Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough Jr. said Wednesday afternoon at a news conference.

The shooter was not in custody and was not in the building, he said. Winston-Salem police officers were “actively searching” for the shooter. Superintendent Tricia McManus said other schools in the area were also closed “due to the search.”

The shooting happened around noon, Kimbrough said. He said it was not immediately clear what led to the shooting, or if the shooter was also a student. As far as officials know, there was only one shooter, Kimbrough said.

Two officers were inside the building when the shooting occurred, Kimbrough said. Additional police were in the building “in minutes,” McManus said. It’s a sad day in Forsyth County, “Kimbrough said. Kimbrough said he was unaware of the victim’s condition. He said emergency medical services were targeting” students who were naturally terrified of this. ”

Earlier, Winston-Salem police said the school closed after the shooting. Officers secured the campus and were “doing everything possible to keep students safe,” according to a statement on Twitter. The children are safe. We have them in a safe place, “Kimbrough said. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said the students were being transported to the Robinhood Family YMCA.

“Parents can show up there to meet their children. Reunification will take some time as students are transported in stages,” the office said in a Twitter post. In a statement, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said law enforcement had informed him of the situation and that he was “ready to provide the necessary support.”

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Desperate for information, parents parked their cars on the sidewalks several blocks from the high school as police pulled traffic off campus. Students and parents could be seen walking away from campus towards a nearby shopping center.

The police blocked the roads to the school and numerous emergency vehicles were at the scene. Local media reported that police, an ambulance, sheriff’s deputies and the fire department were on the scene. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives responded to the incident, according to the agency’s Charlotte office.

Previously, the police in a Twitter post ordered parents not to respond to the high school. Christopher Johnson said his son told him that he heard the shots while he was in the school gym and the students were told to hide because there was an active shooter on campus.

“You see things like this in the media,” said Johnson, whose son was still at school waiting for a ride to a pickup point. “It’s scary to know that this time he reached out and touched you. My son is not a victim, but he is a part of this and will probably remember him forever.”

Mount Tabor High School has approximately 1,500 students, according to a school district website. The school is located in a residential area of ​​the city. Parents DJ and Toyoka Davis told WXII-TV that it was their daughter’s second week of high school. They said that she contacted them from inside the school and told them that she was locked up.

“At that moment, you’re just saying, are you okay?” Toyota Davis told the outlet. “It was crazy because she is so close to home.” Wednesday’s shooting occurred on the eighth day of face-to-face classes for the school district. The incident comes two days after a shooting at New Hanover High School in Wilmington, North Carolina.

On Monday, a 15-year-old student shot another minor when a fight between several students turned into a chaotic scene on a school walkway. The victim was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries and the suspect faces four charges, including attempted first-degree murder.

“For the second time this week, we’ve seen a shooting at a North Carolina school,” Cooper said. “… We must work to ensure the safety of students and educators, quickly stop the shooter, and keep weapons off school grounds.”


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