What happened at Mt Baldy Second hiker dies in two weeks

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, a female hiker on Mt. Baldy died after falling 500 to 700 feet down the steep, icy slope of Baldy Bowl. Authorities confirmed this was the second death in just two weeks.

Officials with the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department responded to a call from the California Office of Emergency Services stating that a climber had just fallen and needed help. However, they could not save her.

Hiking enthusiasts have suffered several injuries in recent weeks due to the icy conditions. Authorities have urged people to wear appropriate clothing and bring appropriate snow and ice equipment during expeditions.

Second hiker to die on Mt. Baldy

On Sunday, January 8, authorities reported the death of a hiker who fell down the icy slope of Mount Baldy. According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, the woman was hiking a nearly nine-mile-long trail called the Baldy Bowl Trail. She slipped on the ice and fell from a ledge estimated at 500 to 700 feet.

Authorities responded to an SOS call from Garmin InReach, a satellite communication device capable of transmitting coordinates in an emergency. A patrol helicopter located her on the side of a steep hill with other hikers trying to help her.

A medic was immediately lowered to assist her, after which the medic requested that she be lifted and carried due to the severity of her injuries. A second helicopter dropped off another doctor and additional equipment. However, the woman succumbed to her injuries.

Soon after, the weather cleared up enough for the hoist to be completed. The hiker was airlifted to Sheriff Aviation and later transported to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Coroner’s Office. The identity of the victim is unknown since the authorities shared information with her relatives.

In the past two weeks, Mt. Baldy has seen two climbers fall who succumbed to her injuries. In a press release, the Sheriff’s department shared some tips for future adventurers. They said:

“Many fall victims are reported on the same mountain in the winter season. We encourage hikers to come prepared and hike responsibly. Wear appropriate clothing for colder weather conditions and have proper snow and snow gear.” ice”.

However, not all bad news. A woman, Ruth Woroniecki, 40, is recovering after miraculously surviving a nearly 200-foot fall while hiking near Cucamonga Peak, one of the highest in the San Gabriel Mountains, on the eve of Christmas.