VIXX’s Ravi Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Charges, Net Worth, Fast Facts

VIXX’s Ravi Wiki, Biography

On January 12, 2023, the Joint Investigation Team booked Ravi, VIXX’s rapper and songwriter, for violating the Military Service Law and evading conscription by providing false health records.

According to Joy News, the famous rapper was caught on suspicion of being a client of a middleman military circumvention group, 24 hours before the same-day booking. The idol’s agency GROOVL1N also responded to the reports on the same day, mentioning that they were investigating the truth.

A few hours after the agency’s report, SBS News reported that VIXX’s Ravi was charged with breaking the law. The Joint Investigation Team plans to summon the rapper to investigate the matter soon.

VIXX’s Ravi makes headlines for evading conscription for low-level qualification evaluation with false health reports

VIXX’s Ravi, rapper, producer, songwriter, entertainer, and founder of GROOVL1N, was recently captured on suspicion of draft evasion. According to Star News, Kyunghyang Shinmun reported that a group of brokers who specialize in helping wealthy people and celebrities evade military service had rapper A as their client and were arrested on January 12, 2023.

Brokers advertised themselves by spreading the word that one of their clients was a popular idol rapper. This led to them going under the radar when they started promoting that they helped a famous idol get a Grade 4 military evaluation.

Grade 4 denotes non-active duty, in which a man who is not mentally or physically healthy is assigned social work instead of an active duty soldier role, like SHINee’s Taemin.

The report did not name the idol, but mentioned other details that pointed to VIXX’s Ravi. The client is reportedly a famous rapper who left an entertainment show in May 2021, returned in September of that year, and joined as a public service worker in October of last year.

The timeline coincided with VIXX’s Ravi, as he stepped down as a regular member of 2 Days & 1 Night in May and enlisted as a social worker in October.

Additionally, brokers were reported to refer their clients to a hospital to give them a false diagnosis of epilepsy. The diagnosis would lead to a military exemption or grade level adjustment. They reportedly have clients such as celebrities, athletes, children of people in legal professions, and famous rappers.

Meanwhile, Ravi’s agency, GRROVL1N, issued a statement earlier saying that they will “explain thoroughly” once they examine the truth. They even added that they will “faithfully” cooperate with any investigation related to the matter. An excerpt from his statement reads:

“Also, if there is an investigation request related to this case, [Ravi] will faithfully carry it out at any time. More exact details will be provided in a separate notice at a later date.”

Military service in South Korea is mandatory as the country is at war with its nuclear-armed neighbor, North Korea. Evading compulsory military service is a punishable offense and a controversial issue in the country.