Video shows South Carolina veteran taking down knife-wielding man inside Walmart

Last Wednesday, a veteran stopped a man wielding a knife at a Walmart store in South Carolina. The heroic act was captured on video that has gained a lot of traction on social media platforms.

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department told Fox News the suspect was threatening to cut customers and employees with a knife at a Walmart in the city of Columbia when the veteran, identified as Demario Davis, intervened.

Video captured by witnesses shows the ex-serviceman hitting the dangerous man on the head from behind with a prop while threatening someone who had gotten too close to him.

Disclaimer: This article may be disturbing to some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

Davis can be seen calmly walking over to a stud and picking it up as witnesses wonder what he is doing. The blow sent the suspect to the ground and away from his knife. As soon as he hits the ground, another man can be seen standing over the suspect and picking up the knife.

According to witnesses, several customers fully subdued the suspect and held him until officers arrived at the Walmart store.

Veteran says he was shopping at Walmart with his son during knife threat

A knife-wielding man threatening shoppers and employees in a Walmart self-checkout area was subdued by a US veteran who was reportedly in the store with his son at the time of the attack.

Before Richland County Sheriff’s Department deputies could arrive on the scene, the Army veteran and a few other witnesses detained the suspect.

Demario Davis, the veteran who prevented the potentially dangerous situation from escalating, told Fox News Digital that he was shopping with his son at the time of the incident:

“I was at the checkout when my son noticed the guy coming in with the knife open. He then went to the service counter waving the knife at some female employees. They ran out of the guy. I then asked an employee where security is and she said that she was security.”

The veteran further described the chaotic situation that unfolded before his eyes, saying:

“While walking to the area where the knife-waving gentleman is terrorizing other customers and employees, he yelled when the police arrive I’m going to start cutting them all up. Another customer tried to subdue the knife-waving gentleman.” knife, but the guy tried to cut him in the face. That’s when my military training kicked in and I casually approached the object not only to shoot it down but also to protect myself in case it missed, but with my extensive military training I was able to neutralize the threat until the police arrived.”

Davis emphasized that his priority was to “neutralize” the situation at the local Walmart:

“My first instinct was to neutralize the situation, so I casually approached and waited until I had a chance to catch him and I got it, I guess. I’m a community person, so if I see something in the community that’s not right.” , with all the violence and things and attacks, gun violence, you know, you want your people in the community to step up as well. The police can’t do it all by themselves.”

Demario Davis has been praised for his quick thinking which has potentially saved several lives. According to the sheriff’s office, the Walmart shooter was taken to a hospital for a health evaluation.