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Vijay Babu is a well known name in Malayalam media but he has been in the reports due to a body of evidence filed against him for alleged rape. He claims he is innocent and has been slandered, but things turned tumultuous when he revealed the victim’s character during a Facebook Live.

Vijay Babu Victim Actress Name Was Identified On Facebook Live Photos Of Live Becomes A Web Sensation Vijay Babu has been charged with rape and criminal terror. After a case came in, he went live on his Facebook on Wednesday morning and revealed the personality of the person in question.

He has done the Facebook live, claiming he is the real victim and has been slandered for the misleading charges, and he will be countering the case with a critique. Vijay Baby is the pioneer behind a film creation organization called Friday Film House, which has provided such films as Angamaly Diaries, Home and Addu.

Essentially, he won the Kerala State Film Award as a creator for the best children’s film for Philips and The Monkey Pen. He has also worked in films such as Peruchaji, Adu, Muddugau, Adu 2, Home and more.

Vijay Babu Rape Charges and Allegations Vijay Babu has been charged with assault by a woman she physically assaulted by Vijay at a level in Kochi. She discovers that he attacked her at least once or twice.

The victim shared that Vijay acted like her rescuer who helped her own and able issues, but physically abused her. In addition, she added that he forced her to take sedatives and assaulted her for denying him sex.

Also, as indicated by her portrayal, Vijay mastered her movies and profession. He also took vows to marry her and offered jobs when she got up.

Who is the victim actress from Kozhikode district? As indicated by the chief post, the victim is an entertainer from Kozhikode district. She reached out to Vijay because she worked in a similar field to him.

Vijay gained her confidence by turning into her hero and showing his most sincere self by physically attacking her, and she guarantees that she has been attacked by him again and again.


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