Video shows Chicago-area thieves breaking into car dealership and stealing luxury vehicles

A group of about 10 thieves broke into a Chicago-area car dealership and reportedly stole six luxury vehicles. The same has been confirmed by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office. Surveillance cameras captured the suspects who stole the vehicles.

According to the manager of the Chicago car dealership, they have made significant changes after a group of thieves stole the high-end vehicles. CBS News reported that all of the men were wearing masks when they entered the dealership. The robbery went on for several minutes before the robbers got out and fled the scene. Responding officers arrived at the car dealership after the masked men had left.

The robbers allegedly jumped out of a sport utility vehicle that was parked in the parking lot of the Exclusive AutoHaus at 1600 S. Roselle Rd. Surveillance footage capturing the suspects has been posted online. The masked men were seen breaking the glass of the Chicago dealership and then breaking in to steal the expensive vehicles.

Thieves found a box of car keys at a Chicago dealership

Many high-end vehicles were reported stolen from a northwest suburban dealership in Chicago this week. The Exclusive AutoHaus manager told CBS Chicago:

“I was surprised, and scared at the same time, that so many people would show up at a dealership in the middle of the night. They look young. They look young to me.”
He further added:

“I used to think none of that would happen around here, but you know, this proved us completely wrong.”

The manager declined to reveal his identity, but provided surveillance footage that captured the heist at the car dealership. The dealership owner spoke to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office about the incident and said the thieves found a box of vehicle keys. According to the owner, the suspects stole six luxury vehicles, however the exact amount lost has not been revealed so far.

According to FOX Chicago, the robbers got out of an SUV around 2:04 a.m. local time on Monday. They initially tried to open the dealership door by lifting it. Later they began to break the glass in the garage with a brick. That’s when the burglar alarms in the garage went off. The robbers had left at 2.07 am and left the area.

The owners were disappointed as the police arrived long after the alarm went off. The manager told CBS Chicago:

“It’s getting frustrating every day, because knowing small business owners aren’t safe.”

He further added:

“They’re still part of the economy, they employ people, they pay people, they run a part of the economy, I’m not saying it’s a big part, but at the same time, how are you safe to do business in your state because crime is out there? increasing? out of reach. Crime is going up. It worries me. What are we doing? How can we make sure we are all protected?

The car dealership owner denied knowing anyone captured in the surveillance footage.

The manager mentioned that it was highly unlikely that a former employee could be behind the robbery, as it was a close-knit family business. The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, told CBS 2:

“We do not know what to do. I don’t know what to say I have no words for this. They came at night, there was no one here. It doesn’t make sense, but during the day while we’re here, they keep coming here with guns and stuff, I mean, I don’t want me and these guys to be in front of these people.”

The owner claimed that he did not know the thieves and that he did not recall seeing them in the garage before. He mentioned that he immigrated to Chicago and established this business about 8 years ago from scratch.

The manager gave a list of the vehicles the thieves stole. The list, according to FOX Chicago, includes two blue 2017 Audi Q7s, a blue 2014 Audi S7, a white 2019 Mercedes Benz E300, a blue 2018 Mercedes Benz GLS 450 and a black 2014 Maserati Ghibli.

Authorities later recovered the abandoned blue 2014 Audi S7. Investigators took the car and are currently investigating it for further evidence. No one has been arrested so far. Police have urged anyone with information to contact the Cook County Sheriff’s Police.