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Victoria Fuller Wiki – Biography

Victoria Fuller’s relationship with Peter has been a bumpy ride since their first 1-on-1 date, and the turbulence continues as the 25-year-old medical sales rep takes the pilot to Virginia Beach, Virginia, to meet her family. Unlike the budding reality TV star, most of Victoria F.’s blended family, which includes her parents, three brothers and a younger sister, they prefer to keep their personal life private and aren’t huge on social media.

Victoria Fuller Age

She is 25 years old.

Family, Parents, Siblings

While her mother used to be known as Suzanne Fuller, she has since remarried to Charles Bergstol. Victoria Fuller’s biological father is Douglas Fuller, who passed away when she was 19. However, viewers may never get a chance to meet Victoria F.’s family since she and Peter get into such a heated argument at the beginning of her Hometown Date.

According to Charles Bergstal’s LinkedIn profile, Victoria F.’s father has worked as an equipment specialist supervisor in Norfolk, Virginia, since May 2010. In a Military News article from 2014, Bergstol is described as being a retired Chief Warrant Officer 4 and the former material control officer at Helicopter Suppor Squadron.

Victoria F. appears to have a tight relationship with her little brother. Not only does Charlie continuously hype her appearances on The Bachelor each week, but he also shares really sweet messages to her on Instagram. He wrote in a post back in October, “Shout out to big sis, I love you so much. You’re an amazing person with such great drive. Your laugh is contagious and your smile is bright. You just might be the funniest person I know. Love ya.”



Charlie calls himself an uncle to Victoria F.’s dog Buxton, jams out on guitar in his free time, and seems to be a car aficionado. In the same realm as Peter, he works on planes for a living for the VAW-120, a U.S. Navy fleet.


While Gabby rarely posts pictures of family on social media, one of her first-ever photos shared on Instagram was a throwback photo of herself with big sister Victoria F. Gabby lives in Virginia Beach but travels around to see America’s best hiking trails.


Victoria F.’s Mother Suzanne Bergstol Does Not Have Any Public Social Media Accounts


Victoria’s mother was previously married to her biological father, Douglas Fuller. Suzanne has since remarried to Charles Bergstol, and continues to live in Virginia Beach with their family.

While Suzanne doesn’t appear to have an Instagram account, her Facebook profile is incredibly private and does not include a profile picture. She had two children with her first husband Thomas Fuller, Victoria and Thomas.

While in Virginia Beach, Peter and Victoria grab ice-cream cones, walk on the boardwalk, and take Old Time photos, however, the fun comes to an abrupt stop after Merissa Pence, his ex-girlfriend shows up. Merissa Pence, who’s met Victoria F. before through mutual friends, thinks she’s is a self-absorbed awful person who’s being completely fake on the show.

Reality Steve warned viewers about Victoria F. before Season 24 of The Bachelor even started. The blogger wrote, “I wanted to finally report to you on everything I’ve heard on Victoria Fuller since before I had even announced she was a contestant on this season. I can honestly say in all my years doing this, I have never had so many negative stories and as many people contact me about one person than I have this season with Victoria Fuller. It’s been unreal to be honest.”


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