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Vicky White is an Alabama prison guard who fell head over heels in love with an inmate. The officer was looking for her after she worked out how to escape with a detainee last month.

Her referrals have portrayed her as a really solid persona and a model worker who was exceptionally legit with her work. In any case, the new event has left her friends and family paralyzed. The officials have now received a new lead on the case, with ongoing updates. See more about Vicky here.

Did Vicky White shoot herself? Alabama Correctional Officer Arrested For Prison Break Vicky White Indeed Shoots Himself. As stated by US Marshals, she has a self-inflicted physical problem from a discharge wound, and it was “intense” and in “pretty real shape,” according to Sheriff Dave.

She is an Alabama Corrections officer who escaped and disappeared with the detainees. In any case, the officials captured White and the inmate in Evansville, Indiana, on May 9.

They were discovered after a long chase and are currently under custody, as stated by CNN. The officials are currently trying to gain in-depth experience in the case.

According to the specialists, Vicky was hospitalized after a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In addition, she was on the run when officials chased them into Evansville.

Sheriff Rick Singleton added: “No police fired shots.” The outlaw couple escaped on April 29 and were arrested on May 9 after getting a tip from the general public.

The pair were found in a residence, followed by a chase.

Vicky White’s Romantic Relationship with Casey White Vicky White could have a heartfelt bond with an inmate Casey White.

As Jordan quotes, “Vicky White will no doubt accept that she is in love with Casey White because he makes her feel alive after quite some time of feeling sullen, safe and solid.”

Likewise, he added, her brain science seems to match Mitchell’s case; a prison tailor who gave devices to the inmate to get away but didn’t follow the whole scheme.

Vicky, a 56-year-old lady, is questioned about her unique relationship with Casey White, a 38-year-old inmate.

More updates on Alabama Corrections Officer Vicky White Alabama Corrections Officer Vicky White is currently facing charges with “an allegation of permitting or working with primary-degree escape with others.”

Meanwhile, Casey White, an inmate and escapee with the prison guard, faces charges of manslaughter.

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